Motorcycle Trailer / Carry Mounts?

how does one transport their cycle using a motorbike?
The goal being to ride out into the mountains and then continue to cycle on a route scouted out ?

Anyone have any experience on this ?

Perhaps im asking the wrong question here,
Anyone know any fabricator who can help me weld this contraption, might buy a donar amazon car rack for parts.

Summer Project

I have yet to see anything like this. A friend wanted to do this when he was living in Keelung and wanted a quicker way to get into Taipei early in the morning for rides. However, he found that it would have to be a custom job and couldn’t figure out if it was legal or not.

How I usually do new routes or go exploring is lots of Google Maps street view. Most of the mountain roads (in the Taipei area) that you can ride have street view.


Will most probably settle for something pre fabricated from 2x2 CYCLES

Will figure from there how to

reduce from a double to a single seat , in order to reduce the overall length
going to be riding out into the mountains for on avg 1 hours so shouldnt be that uncomfortable

(ah how I wish I had my own workshop)

Thanks Ranlee
Haha true, Night before the ride im scouting the Google satellite and strava maps around Hsinchu

also blogs talking about interesting things to check out around Hsinchu
The hot spring are very attractive just to far out to cycle to and fro
hence the project.

Good luck with the project!

Do post what you find out when you’re done. I believe you aren’t the only person with this idea.

Unfrotunately ive had to abandon the project,
will have to get a second hand car perhaps, ugh

i have seen the surfboard racks for mopeds being used for bikes a bit like the attached photoimages