Motorcycle vs Scooter

Surely one of the biggest questions of philosophy !
motorcycle or scooter? By motorcycle, I mean 250 or under, thus avoiding big bike taxes.
For a few years now I’ve reverted to a scooter, buying the whole idea of their convenience, ease of which to go shopping, comfort, rust resistance, etc…
In theory, the scooter does hold sway eh? Except for a little flicker somewhere down there burning in my soul calling for Manly Revolution, actually during the course of writing this message, I’ve felt myself veering sharply in the direction of the motorcycle…
So any good advice on which motorcycle to buy then…
I’ve owned a Sym wolf, SR 150, and Breeze, the SR my favorite. The SR today would probably be a bit dated unfortunately, so I’ve been considering the KRT, CPI and Hartford 200. The Hartford is in pole position.
They seem all to have gone up in prices in recent years if buying new, if anyone knows of some last bastion out there selling new or newish ones cheaply, I’d be grateful… hoping to not spend more than 70k.

A scooter is easier to park and I can carry all of my groceries on it. :discodance:

How many kids do you have? if they’re more than two, the scooter is for you.

I think you mean “car.”

Less than 250cc, and you’re channeling your “manly” side? Get a real bike, man.

Ja! Look! My manly side seems to have been so long dormant even going over from scooters is somewhat of a leap… however, the motorcycle I want to use for daily commuting to work as well, is something I might say in my defense, or not…

Ok! It’s coming down to this gents, new KTR 150 vs. 2nd hand Hartford 200… Which one should I go for & why? …thanks for the time,

I have had an HD-200 for about a year. It gets the job done, but gets rusty fast. It will haul me (100 kg) and a passenger (60 kg) with no problems cruising around 90 km. I haven’t tried any faster, but I’m sure it can slowly get higher.
I went for the HD-200 because I think it looks cooler, although I just saw that 150R wolf (I think that’s it? the wolf with the wide back tire) that looks pretty nice too.

For the scooter vs motorcycle debate, if I had to do it again I would choose a scooter. Parking is a b*tch. You think it won’t be, but it is. You need to get a topbox to keep your stuff somewhat safe or carry the crap you buy, thereby making your bike even longer and harder to park. It’s heavier, so hard to pick it up and move it around when parking in tight spots. Constantly changing gears while driving in the city is mafan. The engine between the legs gets super hot during the summer. When it rains, your shoes will be covered with crap from the road.

Yeah, scooter. You might look like a bit of twat, but it gets the job done. I’ve tried both, and although the bike is more fun on the open road, there are very few open roads in Taiwan (at least, very few that aren’t made unsafe by locals driving gravel trucks and SUVs). In the city, they’re completely useless, especially if you have a sofa, a dog, and a sack of assorted knicknacks that you need to transport. So do what has to be done: get yourself some blue flipflops, a wifebeater (yes, just one - it never needs washing), and a 10-year-old Kymco. You’ll be getting invited to mahjong-and-gaoliang events in no time.

get a scooter. with a flat footbed. anything else is stupid in Taiwan except as a second vehicle for fun. As a very manly rider of large motorcycles myself, the scooter I used to death was initially embarrassing but later so fucking obviously the best choice. Get a crappy one with bodywork that’s a heap of shit and you just don’t care about people scratching it, pissing on it, putting crap in the handbasket, or jamming it into the pile of scooters at university. Literally ramming it in there.

Hah scooters are great aren’t they. Practically indestructible. Work in all weather. Never overheat. No maintenance first few years, then cheap fixes. Cheap license and insurance. Don’t worry about getting your Shitheap stolen or scratched. Underseat storage. Practically park anywhere for free. Automatic.

Pity they are often driven by morons though!

Scooter is probably slightly safer too, though that’s rather like saying its safer to play Russian Roulette with a .38 than with a .44

Downside? Poorer fuel economy, rougher ride.