Motorcycle where? - taipei

Does anybody know where I can find some second hand motorcycles? Or at least information about prices second hand motorcycles. Motorcycle like for example: Suzuki GN 250, Honda CB 250.
And what scooter is big enough for two people( at least 125 CC), if motorcycle are expensive. I’m thinking about second hand scooters, not new.

Thanks Hans

Bikes over 150cc weren’t permitted until last year; hence you won’t really find affordable, legal secondhand 250s around yet. Regarding new bikes; The cheapest 250 motorcycle, the Kymco Venox, is 180,000NT. The cheapest 200, the Hartford VR200 (enduro-style) is around 90,000. The cheapest 250 scooter, the Kymco Grand Dink, is 110,000. These are all made locally. Honda and Yamaha 250s are much more expensive.

Can you tell us a bit more about the intended uses for the bike/scooter, and the kind of price you’re willing to pay? There is a variety of 150cc and below scooters and motorcycles which can be got secondhand for not too much money.

Thanks for answer. I’m looking for something for me and my girlfriend. I thought that because it near to Japan , the honda or Yamaha can be cheap. I have never heard about law that motorcycles over 150 CC are not permitted.
Taiwan sometimes is funny :slight_smile:. So I think I will buy something like 125 cc or more (maybe if find cheap 150 cc), and because of money for sure second hand. But can you give me some names , models or address to website with informations witch scooter which are worth to buy (size, prices).

You’re a big lad Khan, so I’d recommend a used 150cc Yamaha Majesty. New they’re around NT$80,000 (I think), but used ones can be found.

A Honda CB250 Hornet on the other hand is around NT$275,000 on the road. And they’re tiny. You should go to the Bike Farm and ask there about second hand bikes over 150cc.

The secondhand motorbike district of Taipei is Yenping N Rd (parallel to and between Zhongshan N Rd and the river).


Once again thanks for answers for sure I will use your informations. Can you tell me which 125 CC scooters are worth to buy?

A mate of mine has had a Suzuki for years and I reckon it’s a good motor. Always been impressed by Yamahas, for some reason. They’re all much of a muchness though.

[quote=“khan”]Once again thanks for answers for sure I will use your informations. Can you tell me which 125 CC scooters are worth to buy?[/quote]As Hexuan says they’re not really that different from each other. Have a look around. I reckon Kymcos are reasonable value for money and the quality control is not bad.

I have friends who ride SYM Duke 125s, which seem fairly reliable.

If you want to go longer distances with a passenger then a 150 would be good though not essential. Some info and discussion here;
[A smooth ride

I’ve started seeing some 180cc scooters recently. I don’t know the advantage of an extra 30 cc as opposed to the cost. i weigh a metric ton and my little 125 kymco old man bike is more than suitable. unless youre cruising on the interatate 60kph should be fast enough.

does anyone know the effectivness of the helmets used here. i use a 2000 dirt bike full face helmet but it has beer cooler foam for padding and the shell is also pretty thin. I think it’s good for a low impact low speed crash. has anyone seen road damage on a helmet or had any accidents where the helmet saved you

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I got a call last night from a Canadian friend who’s looking to sell her 2001 Majesty (125cc)…I think she’s asking around 35K. Original owner, paid 65K new.

I went over He-huan-shan last summer and saw several of these at the summit, most were hauling passengers/loaded with gear. I’m six foot, weigh 210, and have carried my wife and camping gear over the summit at 3,300meters. Our combined weight must have been 350 pounds plus on a 135cc two-stroke bike. You’d be pleasantly surprised how well these mini-displacement engines can perform.

For my money the 250cc bikes on offer here are excessive in price and lacking in performance. I got into it with a Kymco Venox on some twisties behind my house last week, and the results for the Kymco were less than impressive. Granted the Venox is a cruiser, but at almost 7,000U.S. you’d expect better. Making the double displacement jump here is nothing more than a huge hole in your wallet.

Unless you weigh well over 300 pounds, virtually any of the 125-150cc scooters will be more than adequate in the performance department. The most important part of riding a scooter in comfort is simply finding one with a long enough wheelbase/reach to accomodate someone of your ‘stature’.