Motorcyle helmet headset for mobile phone?

Is such a thing available locally at a reasonable price? I’d like to be able to answer my phone without stopping, taking my glasses off, undoing my double-D ring strap, taking the full-face helmet off, putting my glasses back on, and then answering the phone, by which time callers may have hung up. :doh: (Yes, I’m willing to pull over to push the ‘answer’ button on the phone; No, I don’t want to switch to fast-buckles or open-face helms.)

Does anyone have one, and if so, could you share the details with us re: model, price, performance, and so on? I assume I’ll need to buy a new, bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to do this, but would also consider a wire-connected earpiece to my current phone if anyone has had success with this.

The problem with the latter, I’m assuming, would be knocking the earpiece off when putting the helmet on, which is why I’d rather mount the earpiece and mike permanently into the helmet, regardless of whether the helmet then connects to the phone via bluetooth (wireless) or cable (e.g., phone in shirt pocket, earphone/mike cable then runs to helmet base, where it plugs into a socket.

I also don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on this, so any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance!!!