Motors running in underground parking garages

Took the wifes mother shopping this week-end and visited several stores that have multi-level underground garages.
As I was hauling the MIL’s loot back to the car I noticed that I was getting a bit light-headed on several occasions.
Then, at the 3rd store it dawned on me - The Taiwanese penchant for setting in their vehicle with the motor running!
At one store I counted 13 cars in the underground garage with their motors running. This was just on my way to my specific parking area. I’m certain the number would be larger in the entire parking garage.
And there was no noticeable forced ventilation to clear this exhaust out of the structure.
This is insane!

Are these numbnuts aware that auto exhaust can kill a person?

Is this “legal” here?

Legal? What’s legal?

I know what you mean. I hate walking through the fumes in the Costco underground parking garage, which doesn’t seem to be adequately ventilated.

What cracks me up there, though, is the idiots too lazy to push their shopping cart across the garage to their car, so they send daddy over to get it and he drives back to where people exit the escalator at B2 or whatever, so he can block pedestrian traffic with his car while they load their bags and aunties and kiddies into the car. :s

Well that’s better than half the family dying of carbon monoxide poisoning while hunting for the parked and purring car, no? :laughing:


What that does is back up everyone from leaving the garage, ensuring that everyone but them gets a good dose of carbon monoxide.

potato in the exhaust pipe?