Mountain biking in Wuli


I’ve heard that there are some good off road trails in Wuli, but that they can be hard to find. Can anyone give me some info on how to find a trail up there?


Where is Wuli?

He means Wulai I would guess. Not sure who to ask these days but check formosan fat tire association website.

Or just head out any weekend and ask around. Lots of bikers out these days though most are roadsters.

Or he could mean Puli in central Taiwan, but if he’s talking about Wulai like MM surmised, then he must be referring to the Tonghou trail, which is one of the best cross country (not downhill)mountain biking trails in northern Taiwan. To experience the downhill part, one would have to go over the pass and descend into Yilan.

Ya I meant Wulai - sorry if that confused anyone. The link to the Tonghou Trail was useful, cheers. Do you know whether there is a trail that splits from this to drop you back in Wulai, or is ending in Ilan the only way to go?

Ending in Yilan is the only way to go. Bring a bike bag, disassemble your bike, and take a local train back from Jiaoxi.

After a hot spring of course. Last time I was in Jiaoxi (November) the visitor centre was building there own public pools. Worth checking out if you are in the area after a ride.