Mountain Biking/Indoor power cycling in Taipei



Hello Everyone,

I am coming to Taipei for a weekend with a few friends and we are all avid mountain bikers.

Where could I rent 6-10 mountain bikes for a day on the trails ? Are there any tour organizers who could take care of everything for us (bike renting, way forth and back in a van etc.) ?

Second question : is there a good indoor cycling studio in Taipei ? The idea would be to be able to rent the place for a few hours and have a friendly competition with my friends. Would need some live power metrics on a big screen to make it funnier if possible.

Happy to hear other suggestions of course.




Check Alan’s Mountain Bike Shop for rentals and a guide

You can also rent from Specialized in Dazhi, but I’m not sure if they have mountain bikes available.

Just a reminder that most shops, if they have bikes available, might not have large frame sizes!

As for the indoor cycling studio, interesting that you guys came to Taipei for this. You can ask the Specialized store that I linked above. They have a multipurpose studio available in their basement level, but haven’t heard of anyone actually renting it out to have their own spin session.

If you want a spin studio, check Muzi Cycle.


Thanks very much for the timely reply. Have sent an email to Alan’s shop a few days ago but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Is still the right way to contact them ?
Will check Specialized and Muzi Cycle as well.



That’s what they say on their website. You can also consider giving them a Facebook message.

If you are able to call them, Alan’s wife is fluent in English and I hear, very very nice.

Weather is getting warmer, so stores may be getting busier than normal, they might be much slower in responding.


I think this place may offer group training…Need to call and inquire.


Thanks squall1.
Will give it a try as well