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I am a mountain biker looking for a good bike shop in Taipei.

I am looking for a good spec Giant hard tail (XT or XTR).

I am 6ft 1in - is this a problem? How much to pay, approximately? Any shop recommendations?

Many thanks - see you on the trails!

Jonny 5


try the bike shop section on -

Try ‘Alan’s bike Shop’. Yen, the wife of the owner, speaks very good English and is very helpful. They are true bikers involved in rides and races island wide so are a great source of knowledge. They stock Giant, Kona aswell as some assorted other brands. Currently in stock is a carbon Giant NRS1 t 75000NT and a Easton Alu Kona with full xtr for 85000Nt if you are after XC. They can also order most bikes (though not the one I want at the moment).
I’m buying a bike from there in the next couple of weeks so maybe we could buy at the same time and and strike up a deal with them?
I don,t have the address with me but the store is on Roosevelt, 2-300m past Gongguan on the right side of the street. If you want the address then Personal message me and I will sent.
Maybe see you on the trails some day.

Gee those prices seem high! You could always buy from the US online stores as well… maybe not Giant but everything else.

Alans address is on the site I gave above. Seans in Tienmu is good as well, as is 7 Peaks (I think thats its name) near Da-An Park… speak to Jack.

jonny - where do you ride by the way? XC only?

Factor in a 30% discount off of the full US retail price when you are shopping for Giants in Taiwan. Most will give a standard 10% off the posted sales price though some will give 15%. Be wary of last season left-overs as local shops will not discount models even if the season is almost over.

Order your clothing, shoes, and energy bars from home. Much cheaper than buying it here.

Anything that is made here can be bought here though you will get the best value for you money on a Giant. If you purchase a Kona illegally w/out the proper paperwork and you can forget any warranty from their company if your frame breaks.

If you buy a Giant, make sure that it (that particular model) is sold in the country where you plan to bring it back to. If not, you will have difficulty with the warranty (advice given to me by the folks at Giant USA’s corporate office). If you buy an XTC1 in Taiwan and break it in the USA, Giant USA will warranty it for you if you have the paperwork.

Steer clear of the NRS series in Taiwan as they spec the crap Giant inhouse NRS shock rather than the aftermarket rear shock sold in the USA, Canada, ect. The XTC 1 is very nice while the XTC 2 is the most bang for the buck though a shock upgrade from the Pilot SL to say a SID (for a lightweight rider) or a Fox Terralogic (for most of his big foreigners) is a must.

The race is scene in Taiwan is far from what it is back in the USA. I do recommend picking up an extra set of wheels w/slicks if you plan to do some club rides w/ the local guys. The XC crowd like to stick to the road most of the time. That said you will learn alot more about the local trails as well as Taiwan if you ride w/ the locals guys/gals. Trails here are epic regardless of the crap article that was featured in the May 2004 issue of Bicycling magazine. At least Mr. Wilde gave me a reason to cancel my subscription.

If you would like to visit a website that is dedicated to the sport of mountain biking check out

[quote=“AWOL”]Gee those prices seem high!

Gee, I thought those prices were good!
Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
Bearing in mind both are full sus with the Kona sporting Easton Superlight tubes, Full xtr, Fox F80x forks, and fox RLC (or something) shock.

Is 85000NT too much? Considering this is a $6000 CAD/3000UK pound bike which equates to something around 150000NT.
So what kind of price would you expect to pay?

This has got to be the most moronic discussion I’ve seen in a long while. Someone asks where to buy a mountain bike and it deteriorates into an adolescent testosterone fest. Who gives a shit how much a carbon fiber mtn bike costs? Knowledge of such trivia doesn’t translate into bigger testicles. And if you don’t like FFTA don’t ride with them. Is that so hard to figure out? Biking’s supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun you’re doing something wrong.

Chill out guys and get out and ride. I did this morning, without a carbon fiber bike and without the FFTA, and I had a great time.


erm, someone who is in the market for a high end mtn bike might care for such trivia. My passing of this knowledge wasn’t a reflection of my scrotal desires rather my observations whilst out and about. I felt this was appropiate to the request by Jonny five.

I’m sorry that we have to endure the irrational opinions of some people (FFTASUCKS) on these boards

Enjoy your riding and hope to bump into you on the trails (pun intended)

Hi guys,

Thanks alot for the replies. I will be sure to check out these recommendations.

Thanks for the tips dogsvog, especially. I am in the market for a Carbon Giant because the prices in Taiwan will allow me to afford what I have not been able to until now in the UK - a dream bike.

I have ridden a NRS 1 & 2 and was impressed. I need to weigh it up against the XTC 1 / Zero. Any thoughts here, guys?

And for Mother’s information, I ride a fully rigid, steel, 1994 UK Orange Clockwork with XT thumb shifters. I need my incredibly large testicles to provide some form of shock absorption! :wink:

thanks again,


Carbon fiber bikes cost eleventy-seven enn-tee dollares.