Movable Type

I like the movable type blogs I’ve been seeing. For those of you who use it, did you find it easy to set up? I’ve only used blogger, which is super easy to set up and use, but curious to know why others prefer movable type.

[Did a search in the archives but didn’t get any results on this]

Check out my blog below. I set it all up myself. It was pretty easy - just follow the instructions basically. Of course, you need to have a decent web host so you can do the chmoding (giving the perl scripts permission to run on the server). I used that fabulous 1&1 3 years free deal that was going a while ago - if you have an account with them already I can help you out.

Take a look at the installation instructions at

Have fun!

Thanks! I did–that’s why I posted about movable type because I’ve come across more and more blogs using it. The photos on the index page look familiar :laughing:

Will check it out, thanks!