Move over Mao... Chiang clothing is here!

Anyone interested in an awesome Chiang Kai-Shek T-Shirt? I had these made in response to the overwhelming proliferation of Mao Tse-Tung memorabilia. C’mon, show your Nationalist fervor!

Don’t let Mao run the streets with his bags, hats and shirts!

The T-Shirts come in Small, Medium and Large; I don’t have any X-Large, but if someone wants, I can have it made up. They come in the colour of the ROC flag, and are Gildan products, pre-shrunk Ultra Cotton. They’re silk-screened, which means that Chiang will last a lot longer on the T-Shirt than he did whilst battling Mao on the mainland.

$18 USD including shipping from Canada to Taiwan (or anywhere else).
$16 If shipped to within Canada or the USA.

I suppose I can only accept PayPal payments to:

Please also contact me there or through PM with any questions or orders.

Don’t forget to include your address and size wanted!



3 Cheers for Capitalism!:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Good Fortune to Ya!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]GOOD FOR YOU SHAWN!

3 Cheers for Capitalism!:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Good Fortune to Ya![/quote]

Thanks! I mean, thanks, if you’re not being sarcastic :wink: I don’t think you are, though.

Seriously, though, I had these shirts made not because I’m trying to turn a profit or start some kind of business… I’ve always wanted to have some sort of shirt made, and I also despise those dirty Mao products. But hopefully, I can get the money I spent on them back.

C’mon, I know you want one! I’ll give you a special deal, 50 cents off!!! If I give you 50 cents off, and you go buy something else and get 50 cents off, then you have a dollar!

Oh yeah… and GO Capitalism GO!!!

I’m learning about Lao Tzu’s philosophy right now, and he seems to be pretty on the mark. We should all return to the way life was before the rise of so-called “civilization,” when there was no capitalism or communism. Interestingly enough, my professor of this course is “KT Fann” who is a Hakka from Hsinchu, used to be Maoist, doesn’t recognize the term “Taiwanese” (because according to him, it’s a politically construed term that oppresses the Hakka of Taiwan), is a famous authority on Wittgenstein, but has changed to an authority on Lao Tzu. I don’t know if he’d wear one of my shirts if I gave it to him.

No sarcasm at all.
Your prof sounds like a typical academic wanker who goes whichever way the current wind blows.
Play the game, get the paper(sheepskin?) and do your thing.

I’ve met your teacher. When we discussed the Dao De Jing, I was very put off by his know-it-all attitude, which seemed quite odd, IMO, for someone who claims to be able to teach about the Way… but, his younger brother, KC Fan (currently the Secretary General of the Judicial Yuan and one of the leading proponents of judical reform in Taiwan), is very cool, and is one of my favorite people on this island. The Fans are a famous family in Taiwan… I think there are ten brothers and several sisters, and all of the brothers have become somewhat famous in their respective fields. I spent election day in 2000 at their family home in Xinzhu listening to the election returns… Thier home is also somewhat famous, and several movies have been filmed there.

BTW, the shirt is very cool. If I can figure out Paypal, maybe I’ll order one.

I’d buy a Chiang Ching-kuo shirt if you make them.

TainanCowboy: Well, some of the stuff he says isn’t that cool (especially the Communism stuff… haha. But other stuff are pretty cool.) He says he is still a Communist, though - he still wants Taiwan to unite with China.

Tigerman: Cool… that’s some interesting info.! He did say he had ten brothers including himself, and two sisters. Hmm… he doesn’t currently come off as a thinks-he-knows-it-all, but he did say that he understands life now that he’s old, and didn’t understand the world even into his forties.

Wow, the Fanns are famous, eh? Ahh well… can’t talk to him, anyway. He doesn’t seem to like to talk to students after class. But, he did invite us all to visit his home in Hsinchu, which I think I will when I return to Taiwan at the end of this year.

I’m glad you like the shirt! Let me know if you want one.

Poagao: I could possibly make a Chiang Ching-Kuo shirt, but nobody even wants his father’s!!! How about an Ah-Bian shirt?!