Move to Beijing

Need advice on moving to Beijing.

Potential for relocation soon… semi-expat deal at 2IC level in the marketing field. Can someone point me to resources on salaries, rent, costs of living, nanny/ help with little ones etc. General info on life in Beijing, that sort of thing.

Thanks Chris

I haven’t been up here for too long but the forumosa of Beijing is It’s not as good as forumosa but it has a lot of information and you should find what you’re looking for. doesn’t exist anymore… Any alternatives?

Sorry for waking up an, ancient post :laughing:

The Beijinger or TimeOut Beijing are good places to start for foreigners.

In terms of rental, you’ll find that it can be a lot more money than Taiwan, for a lot less - so be sure to think about this when you consider your move.

@thehundred thanks, that’s very helpful :wink: