Movie Censorship in Taiwan

[quote=“sandman”]Selma’s rude bits. Frequently. 'Nuff said?

That sounds enticing!

But in all the films I get to see on disc these days, bits like that have been obliterated by the wicked censors.

I don’t recall any film on DVD being censored. What specific movie are you referring to?

Some are, even the R3 releases by the major labels. On top of my head I can name “Once Upon a Time in America (1984)”, in comparision to the R1 release the scene in the hearse (catafalque) is censored, the ‘essential parts’ blurred out. They did forget this in the rape scene on the 2nd disc though …

Wolfie, I have the general impression that most, if not all, of the films I’ve seen on DVD and VCD in the last couple of years or more have been tampered with – and can think of several specific examples (though my sieve-like memory for the titles of films robs me of being able to list them now – I’d need to glance through my collection to remind me first).

It makes me really mad when those boob-and-pube-phobes interfere with my legitimate viewing pleasure. It wasn’t like that before – in the early days of VCDs, I could always look forward to seeing everything that the director intended I should.

Perhaps if I bought more pirated versions, copied straight from the originals without going through the hands of the censors, I’d have a better experience?

It doesn’t make sense. From whom would the studio censor material? The purchaser expects to get the whole film. So then I expect the bloody and gore-packed “Kill Bill” will be sort of like watching Sesame Street with samurai swords.

Judging by the releases of the major labels they appear to be censored for the region since some countries don’t allow nudity (or more). Have bought R3 all over Asia and they are the same, in Taiwan they just add another paper label with Chinese (below is still the English).
AFAIK the R3 discs from Warner, Universal etc. are the same all over Asia though it would be possible that every country has it’s own R3 release (as it’s the case with the releases mastered locally). Guess due to the small(er) market size it is not economical for the big studios to censor country by country, so there is a compromise. In fact some of the releases available/sold show more than what is usually allowed e.g. in Malaysia (judging by TV broadcast and local mastered DVDs/VCDs).

That doesn’t mean you will get the whole film. The studio probably doesn’t care, after all they also believe region coding (of DVDs) is effective.
Also note that actually US films have been censored in the US itself, e.g. the R1 DVD of Eyes Wide Shut had digital people (or rather shadows) added to block the view on certain body parts/scenes. The European R2 release is AFAIK not censored.

Apparently people having their heads blow up is perfectly ok, but showing a human being in its natural state will corrupt people :unamused:
There was a gay sex film on TV in the evening a few weeks ago, all the sex was shown from the waist up, but it was obvious what they were doing, and the dialog… "Do you like my " "Yes, I love your " (edited by me, it wasn’t edited in the broadcast). And that was suitible for all ages according to the symbol in the corner.

Most region 3 DVD’s appear to be standard across the region. It’s not just the covers are reused, I’m guessing the disc is also the same because it has all the subtitles on for the whole region. The studios care more about some cheapskate Taiwanese company who would put out something in fullscreen and stereo without a single extra. The Taiwanese “Apocolypse Now” DVD is an insult.

More than that, I’m beginning to increasingly see a pop up on-line notification: “This video is not permitted in your country” and I have recently heard from a friend that a fundamentalist group has a long range plan to place their supporters in key state positions that influence censorship.


Wow! Nice grave dig. 16 years old! That might be the biggest resurrection of a dead thread that I’ve ever seen. Way to continue the conversation! Whew!

“This video is not permitted in your country” is not because of our location, but rather the originating country doesn’t want it to be seen outside a certain geographic area. That’s called Geo-Blocking and it has more to do with licensing rather than censorship.

For example. I have the NFL service Game Pass. It’s not allowed to be used within the U.S. So, when I try to use it in the US, I get the “This isn’t permitted in your blah blah blah” nonsense. I fire up my VPN for Japan or Taiwan and then I can watch NFL Game Pass in the US, thus circumventing the geo-block.


Interesting! This is happening increasingly for standard vintage, classic and current movies where the pay to see mafia guys in Hollywood are taking over. Must try VPN. Thanks