Movie Theme Songs


Some threads on tv theme songs, but none on movie theme songs.

Lots of memories growing up in the 70s and watching old movies with my dad and brothers on TV on Saturdays and Sundays on UHF channels (14 to 83 in the US for those out of the know).
To this day, I can still watch them. Some I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched them in full (own various ones now on DVD, bought cheaply in Taiwan), and I now watch with my children.

In no particular order, but this one is probably top-5 war movie for me, top-10/15 overall.

Loved the scenery as a kid.
The old railroad station, train whistle, mountain scenes, motorcycle chase with sidecar, actors, etc.
Can whistle the great theme song.



A lot of these are officially themes, a lot of these are unofficial, but memorable classics anyway:

Good stuff! :wink:

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Good find, albeit the result “motion picture” and “score” didn’t reveal themselves during my original search in the forum with “movie theme”.

Most if not all of my movie theme songs that I like are from watching the movies on TV before cable. Back when soundtracks could be bought as albums.

John Wayne has plenty of famous movies, but this theme song brings him (as a favorite actor) and the Civil War (which I read a lot about when I was a kid) into one film. The film didn’t make money, had one tragedy during production, and John Ford at the helm. But, I can still watch it again and again. Good bit players, too.

Short, cool marching lyrics.

I left my love, my love I left a sleepin’ in her bed.
I turned my back on my true love when fightin’ Johnny Reb.
I left my love a letter in the hollar of a tree.
I told her she would find me, in the US Cavalry.

Hi-Yo! Down they go, there’s so such word as can’t.
We’re riding down to hell and back for Ulysses Simpson Grant.



No worries dude. 'More the merrier in good muzac sharing.