Movies based on Shakespeare? Help wanted

Could any of you more literary-minded forumosans help me? I’m looking for movies that are inspired by Shakespeare’s plays - not movies of his plays, but movies loosely based on or inspired by his plays. I can only think of three: “Kiss Me, Kate” and “10 Things I Hate about You” were inspired by “The Taming of the Shrew”, and “West Side Story” is a remake of “Romeo and Juliet”.
There must be lots more.
Thanks in advance.

A few:

The Lion King
Forbidden Planet
My Own Private Idaho
Romeo Must Die
Prospero’s Books

My sister says there are a couple of Bollywood films that use the plots too.

If porn movies can be defined as the type of movies you want included, there was a movie entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Cream.”

Taming of the Screw
(As Big) As you Like It
The Squirt-chant of Venice

I could go on…

I’ve spent all day trying to remember that title. My brain is getting old. There are also some Japanese titles based on Shakespere–one I’m thinking of, of course can’t think of the title now, based on Lear.

Oooh, good one. Kurusawa’s Ran.

Yes! Thank you.

Pretty hard to beat Sons of Anarchy, a wicked-cool HBO series that does Hamlet in a Northern Cal outlaw biker club…
(see my avvie)

also Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood

She’s the Man, a YA movie based on Twelfth Night, and Forbidden Planet, a classic sci-fi film based on The Tempest.


[quote]More than three hours long, it [hurlyburly] focuses on the intersecting lives of several low to mid-level Hollywood players in the 1980s. Fueled by massive amounts of drugs, they attempt to find some meaning in their isolated, empty lives by engaging in endless discussions laced with misogyny. The central character Eddie’s oft-repeated apathetic question “How does it pertain to me?”, sums up his spiritual agony as he heads for catharsis.

The title (meaning “noisy confusion” or “tumult”) is derived from dialogue in Act I, Scene I of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth:

First Witch: “When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lightning, or in rain?”
Second Witch: “When the hurlyburly’s done, / When the battle’s lost and won.”

Does this mean Forumosa is based on Shakespeare too?

Shakespeare in Love was pretty good. Also Rozencrants and Gildenstern are Dead is supposed to be good.

Does this mean Forumosa is based on Shakespeare too?[/quote]

I don’t know. I never read anything by Shakespeare. It might be. I dunno. Maybe.

Does this mean Forumosa is based on Shakespeare too?[/quote]
All’s Well That Pwns Well

Does this mean Forumosa is based on Shakespeare too?[/quote]Who would be Nick Bottom?

“Rozenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” is a great movie. Mr Gary Oldman at his best. But I must agree with Ms Theresa that Kurosawa’s “Ran” has to be the best. Based on King Lear, it’s a sumptuous experience. His “Throne of Blood” (based on Hamlet) is beautifully filmed, but doesn’t grab you as much as “Ran”.

I liked Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet

There. I said it.