Movies for English class


What are your go to class movies for when kids are done with finals?

EDIT: Elementary school kids.Grade 3, 4 and 5.


preferably something off youtube


Something by Stanley Kubrick maybe, say A Clockwork Orange or Dr. Strangelove.


Oh sounds great!!! Thank you for all your help Mr. Clown!


This one is great for the shock factor.



If they are elementary school kids, get something really straight forward and PG-13, ie Pixar.


CareBears!..I mean Dragonball Z!


I am thinking The Magic School Bus


little rascals



This would be awesome


You may have to explain what Cornholio means though.


Superhero or magical stuff, some cartoons


Something non-controversial, but something you could bear watching as well. Like ‘Moana’ or ‘Coco.’


Too recent and they are always on tv. The students are likely to have watched them.

Those from the 00s would be good, like Finding Nemo or Wall-E.