Movies you have to watch more than once to really GET it

I mentioned this movie to @superking the other day.

Took me one sitting and a YT tutorial to get it. Second time through was better. Crazy movie.

And this one:

Again once through followed by a YT explainer. Second Time through was really fun.


David Lynch’s L.A. trilogy. Pretty sure even Lynch doesn’t understand them completely.


All of Us Strangers….i completely misread the ending

Memento for me. Hell, 24 years later and people are still discussing/arguing about it online.

Hmm, will check out. I think I saw Memento when it came out and was like wtf, it just keeps restarting? :laughing:

Memento is a trip.

First movie that I thought of as well

Yes to Memento. A friend showed it to me in Prague. There are edits where they put it in the correct order, I heard.

Twelve Monkeys. Terry Gilliam is one of the most talented people in Hollywood. His cameo in Jupiter Ascending was eye-opening.

I guess we are supposed to name drop obscure directors, but Ive watched clips from The Shining, Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, 2001, GoT and Westworld again and again.

I used to base entire corporate classes round movies. My Christmas lesson was Full Metal Jacket.

I think this GoT trailer is on a level with Olympia, Demoiselles DÁvignon, or any other work of art you care to name.

Matrix - Lots of little things to pick up on

Fight Club - Might miss some things in the first watch.


I don’t think “Inland Empire” can make sense even. It’s a story, inside a story, inside a story, where characters have the same names, similar lives, dream and have mental breakdown, all the while actors change randomly.

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Yeah, that’s the most nonlinear of the three, which is saying a lot.

It’s a great idea. The whole no memory thing is really well incorporated into the storytelling.

I’ve watched Mulholland Drive twice, I have no idea what’s going on still, and I’m not sure I particularly enjoyed it, but I am intrigued.

Some people treat it as an instruction manual, which I think is a pretty clear misunderstanding

Synecdoche New York comes to mind among others

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Sixth Sense.
I didn’t have to watch more than once to get it, but the second time on was really enjoyable.

I’ll add Everything Everywhere All At Once. I “got it” after the first watch, but it runs at such a frantic pace that a second viewing lets you catch many more enjoyable details (likely true with many movies)



Donnie Darko



Groundhog Day

Watching it more than once is its own plot device.


And that’s the most straightforward film in the trilogy. :sweat_smile: