Movies you have to watch more than once to really GET it


Still Nolan’s best in my view. All his subsequent films have been disappointments in comparison.

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It is also my favorite. I’m not sure I agree about all his others being disappointments, but I suppose comparatively they’ve never quite matched the heights of that first one.

The Prestige would be another one that requires repeat viewing to understand. I’m still not sure I fully get it.


They say this is based off a novel but I read a short story that was very similar to this in the 1990s. Just a back and forth between magicians and at the end the mystery was whether or not it was a con job and the two guys were the same fella.

I liked The Prestige but I could never get it out of my head that they got it wrong! :expressionless:

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The Spanish Prisoner.

Oppenheimer (because I watched it on the plane and couldn’t hear due to all the air pressure)

I was watching some Hugh Jackman fantasy film on TV – “The Fountain” – where Hugh Jackman’s character flips between three timelines in the 1400s, the 2000s, and the 2500s. It was a kind of interesting film with three different stories and totally different sets for each timeline.

I switched to some other channel then switched back to the Hugh Jackman movie. The problem was, I unknowingly switched back to a different channel with a different Hugh Jackman movie that was on-air at the same time – “The Prestige”. So I saw Hugh Jackman in the 1800s talking with Tesla about teleportation and stuff, and thought this was a continuation of the timeline-switching, with Hugh Jackman now switching into an 1800s timeline. I watched “The Prestige” to the end, still thinking it was part of “The Fountain”, and ended up really scratching my head trying to figure it all out.


I might just have to accept I’m not a huge lynch fan🤣 I’ll watch some of his other stuff later. Heard good things about Eraserhead.

Possibly his darkest film, and it doesn’t really have a plot at all. Maybe try The Elephant Man or The Straight Story?

My favorite Lynch film is Mulholland Drive (which was originally intended to be another TV series… we were robbed!). This is probably my favorite scene in the film. A dream within a dream.

Lost Highway is also interesting. I wasn’t a big fan of the film overall, but it has one of the creepiest scenes ever put to celluloid… made all the creepier by the fact it stars future real life murderer Robert Blake.

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I still can’t figure out which one is Dumb and which one is Dumber…


Personally I think Lloyd is a bit dumber than Harry. He’s more aggressive in his dumbness.

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I wouldn’t want to watch eraserhead twice, frankly. It’s one of those films that sticks in one’s memory.

I’ll add a +1 for Interstellar (@TaipeiGuy2000), although I’ll also say that if you do watch it more than once you notice all the silly plot holes as well as the more profound themes.

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For me, Interstellar is only decent up to the point where he discovers the NASA base. Up until that point, the most offensive fuck-up is the random man standing outside the house in the sandstorm, who then runs back into the sandstorm after shoo-ing the family into the house.

From the NASA bit, the acting really goes out of the window. Matt Damon just rocks up unannounced for a fight, Anne Hathaway’s hair is shit, and there’s not even a fucking glorious zero-G bukkake sequence. And the guy who is showing Matthew McCono-fuckin-hey around the space station at the end is more painful than the rest of it combined.


Yeah, can’t disagree with that. The end of the movie feels like they just ran out of time or scriptwriter budget and just made a halfarsed effort to tie everything up. Which is a pity, because the rest of the movie is good. Matt Damon going looneytunes was pretty realistic, I thought, apart from the rather obvious objection that he merely had to tell them the truth and they could all GTFO, albeit with his reputation in tatters. Which would be better than killing people and stealing a shitload of expensive kit that he didn’t know how to operate.

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which, given that Anne Hathaway is on cast, is honestly an unforgivable mistake. 0/10 shit film

I’ve seen people try to explain that it’s good, but… I dunno. Feels like it’s trying too hard to go all 2001 on us. I’ve seen people try to explain it but like…

Momento has a fun puzzle in figuring it out, although I didn’t find it too hard. I don’t know how to spoil tag and am too lazy to figure it out, but it’s simple but super engaging to see the puzzle there fall into place. Interstellar is just… Kinda uninspiring. It leaves a sour taste for the rest of the film for me.

There was a lot of “and then a miracle happens” in it, but the sciencey stuff was fun.