Moving after graduation for work; from Hsinchu to Taichung

I am now living in uni dorm in Hsinchu, and I will have graduated very soon. Also, I’ve got a job in Taichung Industrial Park where my new dorm locates.

My stuffs are not that huge load like moving house or some thing like that. I only have 32" luggage + 20" luggage + one big bag like 24" x 24" + 3 to 4 boxes of shoes. However, I have a bicycle and wanna move him to Taichung as well. This makes me hesitated using/ calling general taxi service.

I would like to spend reasonably for this anyway, maybe 1,000 - 1,500 NTD.
Any suggestion? Or any small blue truck service contact recommended? (I can only speak little Chinese tho)

Thank you so much!

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the scooter shops could probably take it all for you, along with the bike, maybe even take you with them too
just ask around

Oh really!? I mean I’ve never heard of this before. I also asked some of my TW friends here, unfortunately, no one knew about that. By the way, it could be any scooter shops? Could you please give me a clue e.g. specific kind of the shop you mentioned?

You can send your stuff from the intercity bus station in Hsinchu to the one in Taichung, but you would need help from a native speaker for that. After you solve the luggage problem, you can ride the bicycle down yourself.

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Oh thank you so much! Well, the bicycle can be also sent via those intercity buses?

There are some restrictions on size, so you might have to disassemble the bicycle and pack it in a bike bag.

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There are little blue trucks that will do that for you but maybe more like 2 to 3000.

You don’t have to do it all in one day you can try something like this. Take the bus once or twice with bags or invite friend to help.

Lock your bike up in Hsinchu and then take on the train to Taichung and then ride it to your home in the industrial park. And you don’t have to do all this in one day you can lock it up as needed and take bus along the way.

OP, you can try loading as many things into boxes and ship them via post/courier. One box should cost you around 100-150NT depending on weight and size. Just make sure someone is at your new address to sign for it.

For the post office, all you need to do is write the address and contact on the box and confirm the address with the post office when you drop it off.

For courier, like Black Cat, you can print out the label online after inputting the shipment details or choose to send it via 7-11. Since it’s courier, the fee may be a little higher than post.

As for your bike, you can ask your local bike shop to pack it up in a box for easy transport. It’s usually 800-1000NTD, which I know is over budgeting, but it’s the safest/easiest way to transport your bike. You can use the box to store things like your shoes and what have you.