Moving companies--Green Van Lines?

We’re moving back to the States, and we’re investigating moving companies. So far, the best quote we’ve had is from Green Van International. Has anyone used this company, and how would you rate the service? I’d also appreciate feedback on Allied Pickford, President Van Lines and Schenker. Thanks, everyone!

I moved with Allied Pickford or rather Transworld International. Either they are somehow linked or the AP represantative works for the latter on the side, he claimed TWI would be cheaper and I went with that. Packing was done in 2-3 hours, stuff went into storage for a few months (very cheap) and everything arrived in its original condition eventually.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s so nice to be part of the forumosa community.

I used TWI also and it went fine and price cheaper than all the others including Green Van. The people showed up with Allied shirts on and other stuff from Allied so their probably doing some cases on the side for their own profit but everything was professional and smooth. Highly reccommended