Moving from Taipei to KS - will I miss much?

Getting kinda tired of living in Taipei and now my contract is coming to an end, I’m thinking to go down South.

I really like the sea, so I did think about Kending - but realised it would probably get a bit boring after a few months, so KS seemed like the best option.

I plan to go down there for a week or so to check it out - but thought I’d get on the ball a bit here first.

Compared to Taipei - is there much I’m going to miss out on? Decent clubs? Availability of foreign foods (to cook, not restaurants). Are there nice quiet areas to stay near the sea, but also not miles away from anything else? Big parks? Nearby mountains? What about friendliness of the people?

I guess has anyone else ever moved that way - and what was it like?

From the title I thought you meant moving to Kansas. I was going to suggest finding someone to kick you in the nuts if you’re a dude. “KS” is ok, but if you’re tired of Tpe you’ll probably get tired of there even sooner. That is unless you’re one of those that actually like it better down south, but it won’t be because of the clubs and western food

Ktown is pretty nice. Weather is much better then Taipei. The vibe is nice there.

If you can get into the groove, you won’t miss Taipei.

But its a much more sleepy backwater to Taipei as far as clubs and happening places go.

You are going in the wrong direction for that. To improve on Taipei’s nitelife you need to head to TOKYO.

I don’t like big cities - actually I’ve never really liked Taipei, I was just here because of who I was dating at the time. lol. I don’t like high rise buildings everywhere or loads of traffic. I like to be able to walk around wide streets and feel peaceful :slight_smile:

My favourite place in Taiwan is Chiayi - it reminds me a lot of Thailand, but I’m not yet ready to make such a drastic move :slight_smile:

I don’t need better nightlife than Taipei - just to have some - from what my friends tell me, Electronic music is also more popular down south which sounds great…?

you will probably like Ktown a lot then.

Kaohsiung is a really big city, so you may end up disappointed.

A compromise between big city and sleepy backwater is Tainan, my favoritist place on the island.

Alternatives for getting out of the urban environment without isolating yourself entirely are Tamsui (Danshui… however we’re spelling it these days), Yilan, and Hualien.