Moving from Taipei to Tainan

Hi all.

This is more of a ‘moving IN Taiwan’ rather ‘moving TO Taiwan’ kind of question…

My wife and I are looking for companies or individuals who provide moving services within Taiwan. We live in Taipei and will be moving to Tainan in the end of March. We don’t have furniture. What we have are mostly clothes, kitchenware, books, etc. We got quotes from a couple of companies but they are more expensive than what we wish to pay.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.


Have you called @StevenTheMover?

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I did, just a couple of hours ago. I would still like to get a few more quotes.

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If you don’t have furniture, and the boxes are not that many, just send it by courier.


Even though I don’t have furniture, I estimate to have around 15 large boxes, so not very convenient to send by courier. Also, I preferred to have a door-to-door service.

If you can fit what you got inside car, you can try negotiating with a taxi driver.

I don’t think it would fit in a taxi. I think I would need a truck (like the common blue trucks of Taiwan).

If it’s only 15 boxes a courier will do and it’s door-to-door. Black Cat, Pelican or any other. We get deliveries of 30-40 boxes through Black Cat. Depending on size it’s about 190 NT$/box I believe.

What’s the price quotes, so readers can see if good deal or not?
We just used an ultra-local mover, the one with small blue truck that a friend referred us to.

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Thanks. I didn’t know they would do so many boxes. I’ll check this out.

For now I’ve received quotes of ~10-15K NTD (as well as one crazy quote of ~30K NTD). Can you please provide more details about that local mover? PM if you prefer. Thanks.

Well… it was about NT$3000 for one blue truck for move within Taipei.
My Taiwanese wife found them from Internet and compared prices among 2-3.

Ok. Would you say they were careful and professional? How many boxes did you have?

This is not a local move anymore. It’s cross country.

I know, but there is a chance that the same company work across Taiwan.

By the way, I tried to find pricing details on Black Cat’s and Pelican’s websites, but was unsuccessful. I guess I’ll have to visit an office in-person. Do you have a good experience shipping large batches with them?

How about giving them a call?

Yes, or that. Thanks.
Do you have a good experience shipping large batches with them?

We are not shipping, suppliers ship to us large quantities at times. 30-40 boxes at a time. Across the island in 24 h.

Oh, I see. Ok, I’ll try to find out more details.

Hi there, this is Davis from Lai-Fa removal, we are based in Taipei and we have door to door service all around Taiwan. I am willing to give you a quote if you haven’t decide the moving company. Here is our contact Email: