Moving house with covid - please advise!

I’m in a right pickle. Mods feel free to move this to the appropriate forum. I thought housing, but that looks like advertisements.

So our apartment contract ends 10th September. Have been hunting for places and finally found one. Secured it with 12k one off fee to the agent (rent is 16k). Supposed to sign and take keys tomorrow. But my girlfriend was supposed to start her new job Monday of the week just gone, and because she had cold symptoms and only just felt well enough to go in they asked her to test for covid and she was positive. So the agent said I could sign the contract alone yesterday. But then it got moved back to Monday. And now it’s moved to 9th because landlady is demanding we both sign.

The way I hope this will work is we finish packing and try to do the big cleanup with all our stuff still here. Then we should be able to move on 9th or 10th. But this relies on me continuing to test negative because we are distancing at home. I guess if anything goes wrong the move will have to be delayed and we’ll have to pay our original landlord the extra days. I’m also worried he’ll make us pay some kind of fine, because last year we wanted to move out but then decided it was too much bother due to the covid restrictions, and then failed to notify him in time whether we were going to move out or not. So he fined us 5k because he said he had to pay a penalty because someone had already put down a deposit. My partner’s time off work due to injury and family illness has meant money has been really tight and I’ve had to withhold paying the final two months rent equivalent to the deposit. I should get paid on 9th/10th, so I’ll have to have the money at the key handover in case the landlord demands to retain any or all of the deposit.

So far I think the logistics work as long as I keep testing negative. Are there any holes in my plan, or things that I haven’t considered?

Thanking you in advance!

Just pretend Covid doesn’t exist and do what you gotta do. No other option.