Moving Soon? Call Steven the Mover!

[color=blue]=Local English-Speaking Moving Service Available=[/color]

Hi there! If you are moving house and need a man with a van !
For a no obligation quote call Steven at: b2366-1668 or 0932-396-030…[/b]anytime!

No job too big or too small

Take care,

I just want to say that I moved houses recently and employed Steven The Mover to help me out, and he did an excellent and professional job, for a fair price. He speaks good English, too, which is always helpful. I recommend him highly. Thanks again, Steve! :slight_smile:


I have also moved twice and have used Steven and he is excellent, efficient, reasonably priced, a cool guy, and reliable. Considering most of the moving companies in Taipei are beetel nut chewing scum who break things and make you want to puke, Steven is a great find. I recommend considering him when moving.

My former fourth floor neighbour (who is now my roommate) and I were horribly over-ambitious when we thought we could move everything by ourselves. Ha!

After two packed vanloads that took us the better part of Saturday to move, and without having made hardly a dent in the stuff that we wanted to move, we called Steven, and he came first thing the next day with one large truck, took one look at all my stuff, and promptly called in another truck. He charged us a total of $15,000NT. I have some nice teak furniture and pseudo wood-byproducts from IKEA, including 3 very large, expensive, wooden wardrobes that had to be disassembled before they could be moved, and Steven did it very professionally.

They did put a nick into the surface of my teak coffee table, and they also dented/scratchd the corner of my bed’s wooden headboard. Steven offered to compensate me, but I didn’t see the point of that, so I told him not to bother. What is required is a half hour of sanding, and a reapplication of finish, not moola. He looked very sorry, though. Anyway, the damage was minor, and Steven was very fast and friendly. Also, the relief and joy of not having to move refrigerators, sofas and wardrobes down a narrow flight of stairs from a rooftop apartment is indescribable.

So, to summarize, he’s not perfect, but he’s pretty good. I would recommend him. Having the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I would advise you to protect your precious stuff with cardboard. Furniture tends to rub up against other stuff in a truck, even with the blankets Steven provides.

I moved last Friday and Steven and his 2 pals did a fine job. We had to go to two places: my old flat, and another place to pick up some furniture I had just purchased, and then onto my new flat.
He used two trucks to move all my stuff and was very careful with my things, which I really appreciated, considering some of the furniture is pretty valuable.
He also let me ride in the cab with him, with my cats (in a big pet carrier) on my lap.
Since I’d been quoted a similar price per truck from another (larger) company, I feel like I got my money’s worth choosing Steven because he was very helpful and pleasant, and provided me a totally stress-free move. And since I always dread moving, this was a good value in itself.

He also speaks very good English and is a pretty cool guy, and a cutie pie. :smiley:

Steven and his helpers moved me from my old place to my new place in about half an hour yesterday afternoon. Very efficient and friendly, with a reasonable price. I would definitely use them again.

He’s great, and very pleasant. A good choice for those who don’t speak Mandarin, don’t want disgusting thugs taking you for a ride (this has happened to several friends of mine, btw), and who like to watch small men carry several large objects on their backs.

How about giving him a banner, then?

I mean Steve, recommended by Alien and Maoman!!!

If he’s that good, I’ll happilyuse him if he wants to drive that far in order to move my humble belongings.

well, the mrs and i finally got around to moving. none too soon either, the city was driving me to drink! anyhoo, the week before we bailed we had steven over to give us a no hassle quote. we thought about it for like two seconds, and decided that we could afford his fee. besides, moving f–king sucks!
he came back a week later with a couple of guys in a big truck.
we had already boxed/bagged up most of our stuff so when they showed up at 9 or so in the morning on saturday it only took until 10 or 1030 to get our apartment on the truck.
by noon it was all over, except the unpacking… which is ongoing…
the long and the short of it is, if we hadn’t decided to move with steven, we’d still be moving, or just sitting around drinking…
he’s professional, courteous, and careful. a far cry from some mover types i’d dealt with back in the states.

thanks steven! :smiley:

Great! This is one of the most useful posts I’ve ever found on Forumosa (and that’s really saying something!). I was dreading the prospect of having to deal with the removal people when I shift to my new home later this month or early next month (whenever the decorators finish applying the last lick of paint) – now I can breathe a sigh of relief and entrust it all to Steven. With testimonials like those posted here, I know he’ll be just the right man for the job. I’ll look forward to adding my own glowing reference after that eagerly awaited day when my old bits and pieces are cluttering up the new flat.


have to add in my 2NT… just used Steven last week. we had all sorts of Shite in our house and he originally quoted me a price for 3 trucks from Jingmei to Heaven (Lotus Hill). Well, he ended up not being able to fit it all in the trucks, had to go back for another load… (like I said, lots of crap! ) and he did not charge me a dime more than the initial quote.

Honest and Nice. Can’t get much better than that!

I duly enlisted Steven’s services to move my stuff this morning, and he fully lived up to – nay even exceeded – my highest expectations. He’s truly a nice, friendly guy as well as a highly efficient, professional mover. He also strikes me as impeccably honest, and quoted a price that was substantially below the lowest I’d expected (so I was more than happy to pay the difference after he’d completed the job to my highest possible satisfaction). He’s also really lihai, impressing me greatly by the way he hoicked cumbersome pieces of furniture onto his shoulders and carried them nonchalantly down my forbiddingly steep and narrow staircase – he had me worrying more for his back than my sticks of furniture.

So thanks again, Steven! People like you go a long way toward making up for the shite we encounter so much in everyday life, and make me much gladder of choosing to make my home in Taiwan.

Good ratings for Steve from me, too. When I recently moved house I was in a bit of a rush and remembered reading this thread, so I called him up. He came to my place and quoted me what I considered a very fair price to transfer my humble belongings.
On the day of the move he himself was sick but two of his guys took care of things and also allowed me to ride with the truck.
Thank you!

I used Steve’s services once to pick up a baby crib in Neihu and deliver it to Muzha. I called him pretty late (about 8pm) but it had to be done that night. Had the crib at my place by 10:30, and his guy was ready to put it back together for me. Great service.

Ten people who have used Steven to move have posted favorable comments, but only one - Maoman - actually gave the cost.

What does “reasonable” mean?

He’s not as reasonable as the little blue truck guys. But he’s careful and honest. It cost me $8000 to move 1.5 years ago, lots of furniture, picked up from two different places.
Sometimes those blue truck guys will shaft you. I’ve heard this happen to several people I know. They pack up all your stuff and won’t unload it until you pay them the price they demand. Like that.

How many trucks how far?


the man provides a seriously good service.
he moved me from sys to gonguan in less than an hour.

Steve moved me from Zhonghe to Xizhi (including my motorcycle on the back of his truck) in two truck loads for 10K - I lived on a 5th floor walk up and moved into a 3rd floor with elevator … stairs etc complicate the cost.

I didn’t bother getting other quotes once I’d spoken to Steve - his quote was a little more than I’d hoped for - but he’d been referred by two people who’s approval is difficult to get (to say the least!).

Yet another Moderator For Steven the Mover – I’ve moved with him twice so far, and will be doing so again this week (well, it’s a hobby of mine, I guess…) great every time. No complaints whatsoever. I don’t remember the precise price but I didn’t have any problems with it at the time, and I’m fairly cheap, so it must have been good… :laughing: