Moving to Beitou

Hi all,

I am moving back to Taiwan permanently after five years in the US with my Taiwanese wife and 7 year old daughter. We plan on settling in Beitou to be near her relatives.

We have a whole house full of stuff to bring with us, and I would love any information people have to share regarding:

schools (we want our daughter to go to public school, and couldn’t afford TAS or the Domincan school anyway)

shipping companies - who should we use?

any stories/information about living in Beitou

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

[quote=“merge”]any stories/information about living in Beitou


Has the most exotic hot spring in Taipei :smiling_imp: :wink:

Watch out for your electronics; I hear the sulfur in the air corrodes that kind of thing pretty quick.

D’oh :s

I shipped all our furniture and stuff FROM Taiwan to Vancouver using Allied Pickfords I believe. They did a fine job, but it ain’t cheap.

I shipped my stuff with Unigroup to Taiwan, good job, I kind of expected that in Germany, but I can’t complain about the Taiwanese side either.

We shipped a 40 foot container from the US East coast to Taiwan.

We used Arpin International in the US and they originally signed up Crown to do our Taiwan moving.

Just before the container arrived in port, Crown decided they would increase the fee for moving our goods from US $1000 to US$10,000. I told them to drop dead.

We went with FourWinds moving to handle the Taiwan end.

Recommend - DO NOT USE Paul Arpin, Crown Van Lines, or FourWinds.

I wish I’d gone with Allied Pickfords or K.C. Dat here in Taiwan. As to a U.S. mover - I never found someone I trusted. YMMV


NOTE: Edited this entry to correct a movers name. I had said “Crown Movers.” I have no knowledge of Crown Movers.
Crown Van Lines tried to rip me off BIG TIME. Do not do business with Crown Van Lines.