Moving to China

One can work hard for little money anywhere in the world :slight_smile: i wouldnt move to china for that.


I stayed at Camelia hotel in Kunming. How about Jims Peace Cafe in Dali?

Wait were you guys reading Lonely Planet too??

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Bad Monkey Bar in Dali

Which is apparently still there, but imagine not full of dreadlocked Germans and a perpetual smoke cloud.

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back then it was the only source available :slight_smile:


Remember I read that Lonely planet from cover to cover, I was so excited to just devour everything about China at that time, including all the history and culture stuff. Just wanted to know everything about this giant country that was suddenly opening up.

People were so friendly and open in those days, they were total sponges and desperate to learn everything about the world. Was such a positive place.


I had a friend that worked there for awhile.

Definitely the best time to travel in China.

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Something to do and and a way to plan the trip on those long iron rooster rides. I guess today there’s free wifi on the high speed rail

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Last time I took a long train ride in China was 2010, which was from Shandong to Guangzhou(30 hours). They had installed fucking TV’s all over the train which were playing loud dubbed versions of US action movies. I used to love being on those trains and just reading books, but now this was impossible.

The attendants had the remote controls and only they could turn the TV’s on and off. So I took an unravelled paper-clip and pushed it into where the off switch was to turn off the TV. Every time someone requested that the TV be turned on, I would secretly turn it off again. By about the 28th hour of the trip they realized what I had been up to and an angry mob assembled, shouting at me. But they journey was basically over at that point.

I think most travel is on High Speed Trains these days. You can get from Beijing to Shanghai in less than 4.5 hrs.


Also getting drunk and playing cards with locals, smoking between the cars

China economy is about to go through a major major correction. I dont think its a good time to be there as a foreigner as the party will be looking for scapegoats

Good thread here on Twitter

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I know it’s hard to believe but Beijing in the summer time is very hot. Only for a month or so but man, it’s hot. Beijing winters are tough as well.


Are you insane?


Bone chilling cold. Pollution was hoorrendous too when I visited. My least favourite place to visit in Asia in Winter. I have a friend that has lived there for years dont know how he does it.

High paying job?

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Those icy winds are a bitch. Coldest I’ve ever felt in my life.

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I lived in CN two years and will never go back. Everything gets a little more difficult every year. Like getting a bank account and ATM. One time I went to the ATM and the machine said I needed to show my ID card to someone. Then a few months later the same thing happens.
• Another time my school helped me get an apartment and I paid a deposit. The whole floor was managed by a company that took everyones deposit and failed to pay the cleaning person which lead to heaps of garbage in the hall way. This was in Hangzhou a big city. Oh, and we had to pay another deposit to the owners.
• Security at the mall: For some reason in Beijing they have these security guys at stores like H and M, Muji and others. They stand there and look at you like you’re a criminal. They didn’t have them in Shenzhen. Chinese people don’t steal, it’s not like America, where people actually do steal. They’ve probably never had a shop lifting case in the whole mall been open, makes no sense at all.
• While in country I needed to get a new passport because the one I had was about to expire. Which meant I had to carry two passports because my visa was in the old one. Once, I was crossing into Hong Kong and they stopped me because I had two passports. No big deal. But the guy was a total a-hole for no reason. When he handed me back my passport I said, “Cheers, thanks”. “What did you say?!” He said angrily, “I said cheers, thanks.” At that moment I thought, “I’m never coming back here, that’s it for me, I’m done”.


Walking to the subway station in the cold…ugh. Seoul was bad too, but at least they had Kimichi soup!

Yes he has a good job I believe and he enjoys some outdoor sports in different parts of China, keeps him busy I guess, along with being from a rather remote place originally. China does have a lot of cool places to visit but living in Beijing and the north thru the winters and all the quarantines


TL may be in luck!


Quarantine cut in half

The National Health Commission cut the mandatory quarantine period to 10 days from three weeks for inbound visitors in its latest COVID-19 guidance. New arrivals and close contacts of infected patients must spend seven days in centralized quarantine and then closely monitor their health for another three days at home, the government protocol released yesterday said. Health authorities previously required up to 21 days of hotel quarantine.

Source: World News Quick Take - Taipei Times


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Damn. Never had a bad experience with immigration in China. Even when I had to pull out two passports myself.

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