Moving to Hsinchu advice needed

My girlfriend from college who is from Hsinchu had to go back because she graduated from college this quarter. I am trying to find IT work in Hsinchu but mostly I find are all teaching jobs. She wants me to move to Taiwan before the end of the year as I am still in the states working. I am not sure what to do or where to look.

IT salaries here aren’t all that great; there are plenty of Taiwanese computer types. Unfortunately, teaching Engrish is typically more lucrative, from what I’ve been told. is a general jobhunting site for Taiwan. Can you read/write/speak/understand Mandarin Chinese?

Few companies seem to advertise IT positions in Hsinchu as they most likely either employ Taiwanese IT graduates. Also, a lot of the foreign IT and technical workers here in Hsinchu tend to get contracts from their company (often based in Europe or the USA) to work out here.

Sadly. it seems to be only teaching jobs on offer in this city and a lot of them are for kindergarten/pre-school age so you shouldn’t really work for these are they’ll be employing you illegally.

A possibility may be to find a job in Taipei and commute each day? It depends pretty much on whether you’re willing to spend hours each day getting to and from work though.