Moving to Hsinchu

Hi Everyone
I am about to start my first job in Taiwan at the end of November, I’ll be living in Hsinchu, I’ve been trying to get as much information as possible on the place however sites such as the lonely traveller, Wikipedia and looking at the place on Google Earth only offer a bit of an insight and are either very statistical or aimed at travellers.
I was wondering if any of you living there, or people who have previously lived there, could give me a bit of information about the city. Things that you don’t learn till you’ve lived there a while such as the best places to eat (on an English teacher’s budget), bars and other forms of entertainment, shopping centres ect. I’d be happy with any and all information as it’s not as easy to find details on as Taipei. Apologies if one of these posts already exists, I had a quick search but couldn’t find one.

Also just noticed that the forum changed my title to Xinzhu, I did not realise this was the same place, this would explain why I struggled to find posts, I’ll be reading those now but still if anybody has anything to add. :slight_smile:

I don’t live there, but I seem to spend a fair bit of time there, and it seems a nice place to live; lots of interesting food places, (relatively) cheap housing considering the location, and a huge crowded downtown area if you like that sort of thing. It’s only 30 minutes away from Taipei city (should you feel the urge) on the high speed rail, and 30 minutes in the other direction from a lot of nice countryside. The only thing that bugs me is the lack of public transport. Even taxis are quite hard to find. So you’ll probably have to get a car and/or scooter, with all the aggravation that that entails.


I live near and work in Xinzhu. PM me and I can explain more. By the way, the two spellings refer to the same place. The one you probably write is H-s-i-n-c-h-u, right? That’s what’s commonly used in Taiwan, but Xinzhu is the mainland Chinese system.

Hi There,
I’m new to the forum and soon to be new to Hsinchu. I was wondering if you are still in Hsinchu and can guide me regarding the housing situation there?

I’ll be moving from canada, with family - two young kids. I was told that Zhubei area has newer more modern building so might be a preferred choice for living. I was wondering for a reasonably modern apartment, with 2-3 bedrooms, what kind of rent should I expect? If there are areas not too far with villas, can you pls point me to it as well?

Thank you in advance!!

Guanxin Rd area of Hsinchu is also very popular, and has many new builds - if you’re working in the science park, it’s more convenient too. Traffic between Zhubei and Hsinchu is quite bad at peak hours.
Not sure about villas…

Quite a few years ago I toured this villa complex near Xinzhu. Liked the layouts of the houses, that you can barbecue on your balcony and that you have a huge park where the grandkids can run around.

It’s just a little too in the middle of nowhere for me, but if you move with kids it might be worth having a look.

thank you for this ! I found an international school in the neighbourhood as well. I’ll explore this further.

Thank you! This villa complex is something I was looking for. I see what you mean by it being out in the middle of nowhere, although i’m coming from Canada, so boonies is what i’m used to :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look when I arrive there, and appreciate your guidance.