Moving to Japan

The only place I see that is in the red light districts in Japan due to the Yakuza culture.

Funny enough, soapy land and the whisper alleys are where I’m given a fair shake. No pun intended.

Present day?

Hysterical considering the amount of Koreans I found living in Doraville, Georgia, of all places.

I don’t live in the South anymore. Never liked the racism there. So no it wasn’t present day. But given how long it takes for societies to change I have no reason to believe they are any different.

Or it was the extent of his knowledge in English.


Japan is the only place I’ve been refused service based on my race. Twice in one night even!
Definitely a problem there.

As a black man who lived and worked in Korea for 7 years, I have seen the racism in the faces of these stuck up Korean men. It is true that the most racist people in Asia are Koreans. That’s why when I was there I had to be as militant as Malcolm X.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I was refused in regular yakitori restaurants. They just waved me and my colleague away. One place was busy, another was half empty. We’ve also been refused in ginza as you mentioned .

Let me emphasise this would not put me off living in Japan because many people are also welcoming to foreigners and there’s so much cool stuff to do there.

What would put me off moving there is working in a typical Japanese office and of course needing to know the language to work locally.

I was initially refused entrance to a yakitori restaurant in Sapporo but it turned out it was only because they were afraid we couldn’t read the menu and communicate what we wanted and the restaurant was very busy. Once they realized communications wouldn’t be a problem they let us right in.


This makes more sense then what I’ve heard from people who stayed in Korea.

What about Tattoine?

Thanks for not dialing it up to Black Panthers level.

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You didn’t show them your tattoos and cut off pinky?


That’s still racist though.

And yes we couldn’t communicate in Japanese well but I can read the menu mostly.

Was not given the chance, just waved rudely away as soon as we attempted to enter their establishments.

Has never happened anywhere else because it’s extremely impolite in any culture (yes there are some that have a dress code etc.but that’s a different deal).

I haven’t been refused in the company of Japanese because that would mean massive loss of face for all the Japanese present. I’ve been to a hundred bars and restaurants, never refused with Japanese colleagues there.

Something I highly appreciate is that Taiwanese are not like this. They will make (an often hamfisted over the top effort) to understand you and serve you.

So ironically Taiwanese are probably far more polite in reality than Japanese , who make a big show of politeness but how deep does it go?

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Yeah. Taiwanese may or may mot be racist but they are polite and leave you to live your life.

Or, god forbid, Black Panther level.

You NEVER go ‘Full Black Panther’!!”

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Once vibranium comes into the picture, all bets are off.