Moving to Kaohsiung After the New Year

For all the Kaohsiung-dwellers out there… please give me some random advice about finding work there! In particular, I will be moving to Fengshan and will be looking for English-teaching jobs around that area and in Kaohsiung City. Are kindergarten/elementary school jobs fairly easy to find? Are there opportunities for evening, adult bushiban classes?

My wife and I will also be buying a $1,000,000 or less, apartment constructed under national supervision 國宅. Any suggestions upon buying in Kaohsiung? We were thinking of buying somewhere within walking distance of Fengshan West MRT Station, so that it could be easily rented out once we go back to Canada.

I have heard that in the last month, not a single home has been sold in Kaohsiung (it could be new homes…).

Thanks in advance!

You’ll find that technically that’s illegal for foreign teachers. And seeing as I know of three teachers that have been deported in the last two months for working illegally (no work permits for a particular school or working kindy), I wouldn’t advise that… But, to each his own.

Really interested to know what that place will look like. Don’t mean to be negative or anything, but Gaoxiong is somewhat more expensive than Tainan, and you’re not even gonna find that in Tainan.

Had a look on the web and they had this for 3 million:


Might have something to do with the current shitty economic situation we find ourselves in. Banks aren’t too keen on giving out loans at the moment.

As to jobs, I’d suggest you try the “Kaohsuing Bulletin” on yahoo groups. That’d probably be your best bet. Shouldn’t be too hard to find something at the moment.
If I think of something else I’ll post an update.

Good luck!

It must be a bit of a shocker for only $1 million.
Our house is no oil painting and it just sold for $3 million and we are down the shitty end of Fengshan, Fengshan Junior high school MTR stop.
You ever been to the Fengshan west MTR stop?..there is nothing there, the station is pretty much in the middle of an empty field.