Moving to Kaoshiung - looking for advice!

Hi all!

I hope I posted in the right forum. I’ve decided to move to Taiwan, my ancestral country to work in the field of public health. I will be working near the EDA hospital in Kaoshiung and would love some insights:

  1. What is a good area to live in? I know it is more outskirts but I don’t mind an hour commute if it means I can have more of a relaxed evening. Ive been offered the dormitory but to my understanding it is shared accommodation with no stove. I am also unsure if I would invest in a scooter long term as I am a bit worried about driving in Taiwan.
  2. I am looking to take mandarin courses for reading and writing- any suggestions?
  3. Is it difficult to manage a budget? I have a local salary as I have Taiwanese citizenship but my aim is to make the time I can to adapt to Taiwanese local culture.


Zuoying or Central Park area are the two best places to live in Kaohsiung imo.


Good morning and welcome,

I always end up driving or on the scooter to Eda. It’s a little away from the main city. Saying that there is everything you need around that area.

As for where to live, i’d Take up the offer of the dorm, at least for a few weeks till you find your feet. Then you are able to work out what area suits your work / recreational lifestyle. There is also quite a large university there that may have language lessons.

Hope this helps

Edit: spelling due to not reading before i post.

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And everyone is entitled to have an opinion, just clear it with the wife first :wink:

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It depends what you’re looking for and what kind of personality you are. Some people want a quieter or more traditionally Taiwanese district. Speaking personally, I like convenience and modernity, so I enjoy Zuoying since Hanshin Arena (aka Kaohsiung Arena) is just around the corner and has everything I could need to feel comfortable. Plus, Aozihdi Park and MRT nearby.

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I think @DrewC offers solid advice.

My mother in law lives in Ciaotou. I would not recommend that area. You need a car/scooter to get anywhere, and the places you can easily get to aren’t really worth the effort. She used to live in Luzhu, and that was even worse. The only thing I can say in favor of Luzhu is that it’s really easy to drive to Tainan from there.


Welcome @Taiwen

You’ll like Kaohsiung. We did after moving from the north.
I’m guessing Eda Hospital is a bit far from downtown at halfway between Zuoying and Agongdian Reservoir Scenic Area (which is kind of nice).

Second @DrewC’s thoughts on Zuoying, where we reside, too.
Aside from convenience to MRT, Lotus Lake, down-downtown (meaning main station and harbor), you are also at the HSR station if you want to skedaddle northward.

You’ll manage your budget fine. South Taiwan is wayyyyyy cheaper than Taipei in nearly everything except gasoline, as prices the same islandwide.

Good luck!


Consider your methods of transportation to/from work. One bus, or change bus, or bus and MRT, etc. And the frequency to/from house/work.

And the same for your house to other spots on free time.[quote=“Taiwen, post:1, topic:183426”]
I can have more of a relaxed evening

What do you conside a relaxed evening? Sitting in trees or sitting in the city with things nearby or ?

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I live in the U.S. but I spend time in Kaoxiong and Pingtung visiting family. I really like southern Taiwan. I don’t have enough “local” experience to tell you where the good parts of Kaoxiong are.

I’m writing to say: why not take advantage of the dormitory? You can be close to work while you learn the area and decide for yourself where you’d like to live. That sounds smart and practical.


Thanks everyone for such a quick and helpful response! I have alot to think about :hugs:

Try some hostels with room plus private bathroom to help you decide where you eventually want to live in KHH before going flat rental hunting.

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Serviced apartments are more expensive than hostels, I think.

Google them or go to travel and travel company apps to compare prices.

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Do you have parking at work?

@DrewC I went to Zouying and really liked it there. Seems convenient yet tranquil, although I was just hanging around Lotus Pond.

How is the street noise at night?

K Arena seems like “the” happening area but I can imagine that it’s hard to sleep.


I’m about two blocks away from K-Arena and live in an 8th floor apartment. I never hear anything from the streets at night.

My wife’s snoring on the other hand… :weary:


Really, huh. I am near Central Park and it’s so loud at night.

@Taiwen the other thing to consider as others have mentioned is transportation, specifically if you have your own, what the traffic is like in your area. I find K-Arena traffic quite stressful and hectic, and pray whenever I have to go up there that it’s not during rush hour.

Yes but to be honest i dont know how i feel about driving here yet! Im a bit nervous to ride a scooter and will most likely bike or take a bus!

The thing about Kaohsiung Arena is, yes, you have the busy main street. But most of the residences around it are off on relatively quiet side streets, including mine. I am also on the 8th floor of my building too, so there’s that. But my small street is very quiet overall.

I don’t know where you’re from but in Asia it’s best to live along subway lines for convenience so when choosing a rental flat find a suitable one very close to a station for work and leisure purposes.

Metro line is nice but car, bike, scooter makes things much better