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Hey all,

I’m planning to move to Taipei for about nine months in August to study Mandarin at the Mandarin Training Center in NTNU (Shi-Da). However, I am required to find my own housing while in Taiwan. Most of the folks I’ve talked to have made it seem that I’ll need to wait until I’m there to find permanent housing. However, I wanted to know if there are any reliable online English-language resources for finding housing in Taipei on a student’s budget? Or should I make a reservation at a hostel for a month until I can find something permanent?

Additionally, what should I do about money in Taiwan? Should I open a checking account, or am I fine to use my Visa/withdraw cash when needed?

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Studio Apartment near Guting MRT Station

for students, it may be Tsuei Ma-Ma Foundation.

You may find a lot of useful information on this forum too.

Though, "I’ll need to wait until I’m there to find permanent housing. " is very true.

If you’d prepare enough, it is possible to find a room in a week.

On this forum, I see ads on rooms/shared houses on this forum. I don’t know how reliable they are, but I don’t remember reading any complaints on rooms in those ads, after someone contacted to the ads posters.



Hi man, I am doing the same as you - but only doing 6 months at the moment.
Would you be interested in sharing?
Although I may plan on moving to a host family in a few months to improve my mandarin.
Email me at for easier messaging

  1. Do not rent from abroad.
  2. Do not rush into renting.
  3. Do not sign anything by yourself. Always take a witness. Hopefully a local or old hand. Document everything in photos or video - contracts, condition of place, items, etc.
  4. Never live with the landlord.
  5. Do not rent basements.
  6. Be advised rooftops are popular among foreigners but involve safety issues - typhoons, robberies, etc.
  7. Be aware English websites are focused on expats on company accounts who have few limitations regarding cost.
  8. Yes, there is life beyond Shida area. No, that does not mean a 2 hour daily commute to class is reasonable. Key word is convenience. If the closest 711 is a 20 minute drive away, it is not convenient.
  9. Be aware we suffer from typhoon days, quakes, and other emergencies when choosing location.
  10. Never hesitate to ask for help here or anywhere. Follow your gut, if it smells fishy, run.


Thus spake the oracle :notworthy:

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