Moving to Taiwan in August - Looking for a job on a visitor visa to convert to an ARC

Hey guys, I am going to Taiwan in August but I only have a one way ticket to Taiwan and no other flights outbound to show I am leaving the country. I will have my MA in TESOL and a BA in Linguistics.

I looked up the visa requirements for Taiwan and it said this:

Do you think I will need to buy like a roundtrip ticket to Hongkong before I arrive in Taiwan or it will be okay to buy that ticket after I arrive? Has anyone had experience with this before? Moving to Taiwan without a job lined up first?

Thanks for your help!

If you’re lucky you could enter Taiwan, or even get passed check-in at your local airport. Then you’re not allowed to work, you could land a job, getting you a work permit, then get a resident visa in HK or something, after which you possibly could get an ARC.

Yeah, but what does getting lucky involve? Is this the only way? I’m thinking I will find a job within the first month of me landing so I could just go on assumptions and buy a roundtrip from Taiwan to Hongkong a month from my arrival date.
Thanks for the response!

I came from the UK as visa exempt but I had to show an outbound ticket when checking in. I had one to Hong Kong which I shall cancel and get a refund.

Thanks for the input! This is what I needed. I figured I would buy a ticket to Hong Kong as well, but canceling sounds much easier than just actually going on it a month from my arrival date. lol Cheers!