Moving to Taiwan, need Health Insurance

Hi all,

I’m moving to Taiwan for 1 year to study Mandarin and I think i’ve taken too many risks without having health insurance already, I have a feeling im long overdue a visit to A&E…

Can anyone answer some questions I have about health insurance in Taiwan?

  1. I’ve read something about the National Health Insurance Plan - Am i right in thinking that A) I have to pay for this at around £200per year, b) this isn’t actually health insurance?

  2. Where can i find some reasonable, cheap health insurance in Taiwan, and how much am I likely to pay for a year?

Thanks for any help, any other advice is appreciated!

National Health Insurance in Taiwan covers you for necessary treatment. You can’t get it for the first four months as a student, and many universities require you to take out additional insurance. The eight months you can get NHI coverage for will cost you around £110, and it’s compulsory. Service on the NHI is usually prompt and efficient, and worth the price. With each visit there will be a small co-pay (a few quid each time). However, it doesn’t cover room costs (unless you’re in a room with three other people and want no sleep), food, nursing care, and physio.

I would definitely take out extra insurance, but the amount it will cost you really depends on the kind of coverage you want. If I was just here for a year, I’d first look at UK insurers, who are more likely to cover repatriation in the event of serious illness.