Moving to Taiwan (Penghu)

Expensive is probably the relevant word. Central area probably ~NT$30-40M or more for landed building. Maybe some small spots for ~NT$20M.

I’m going to ask them let me check.

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If you like countryside fishing towns it will be amazing there. It is very slow.for taiwan, but absolutely has nearly everything and very convenient compared to most of the world.

It isnt.cold, but the wind is for real! I went to study a bit on their agriculture systems whih is interesting. They use rock and coral to build walls around their small plots and gardens to protect against the wind. Its pretty dry and barren compared to most other places in taiwan due to wind, salt and erosion.

Honestly, if you dont require a massive city, penghu is way better than kaohsiung. In nearly every aspect with the exception of wind and “convenience”. Depends on you, but if you are like any of our russian friends from the country side, avoid the cities in taiwan…they are grim for people who like a healthy environment.

Also consider money. There probably isnt a whole lot of opportunity for you unless youre near fluent in mandarin. But no experience on the job situaton there.


Maybe he/she seeks something different :wink:

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Thanks! Very interested in that

Спасибо за предупреждение, Слава:) не знала про мак

Why do you think Kaohsiung is worse than Penghu? I am choosing between them two. I am better at English than in Chinese honestly. But I thought it is a touristic place, so they might need people with languages?
I absolutely want to live closer to nature and ocean, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and seafood etc. Big cities are not appealing to me

How about taitung or hualian ?

Honestly, I know nothing about those places… seems like nice places to live in though. But also I need a city with the governmental university, where I can obtain the local education and also look around when I am in the process of studying.

Keep in mind, Penghu main island/s is very small, well mostly two island connected together by a bridge. Can go entire distance by car in about ~45 minutes. You could almost see across the whole space. There might even be spots where you can see the entire 2 islands. And a few other small islands nearby within a few minutes boat ride. Mostly touristy or very more simple life.


Hualien is nice and relaxing.

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As per usual you should come here And tour around for two weeks and figure out what you like.
Im a big fan of the Pengghu islands, they are the cleanest abd possibly greenest places in Taiwan with very Little industry. There is good snorkelling off some of the beaches and islands . There are Also some very quiet spots and islands , which is very rare for Taiwan ! One island , Wangyu, only has one inhabitant. The main island has a big town, Magong , but just twenty minutes out it will get quiet. It’s seen some investment over last couple of years, they have everything you need in terms of shops really .
Weather is a little extreme for Taiwan, very hot and sunny in Summer, windy and relatively cold in Winter.
Note : there are very very few Westerners /Caucasians n Taiwan and almost none at all in Penghu. It is not international , almost everybody there is Taiwanese but some Asian tourists in normal times . You may bump into fishermen who speak English due to their work though. And there is a uni and big military base there. Sailing should be amazing but they are also very slow to promote it unfortunately. They just started promoting stand-up paddling and also the usual jetskis. Windsurfing is a thing there in winter I heard.


Here is my honest feel on it as per my personal preference. I am from the mountains in my home country which is cold like Russia. I dont like cities, especially taiwanese cities. they are polluted, dirty, cramped and slow to get around. People are also more dickish. but taiwan is generally really good until you actually settle into a community. Being married to a taiwanese person from the flatlands, convenience is absolutely required for her function, but luckily she is not so extreme. Most arent so easy going . I think having a decent city an hour away is my ideal. Your ideal is you need a national university which nearly every county capitol city has. So you have many many options. Taiwan has an unlimited supply of schools. Most arent good though, if quality is your goal be warned.

i actually require dark to sleep, taiwan is “darkish” in the most remote of regions, no sounds at night etc. Small islands are good for this. but the offshore islands have often got very serious social issues. So neighbours fighting can be an issue. Not a problem for most forwigners, but it can be a huge problem for mandarin speaking ones that integrate with their local community. especilly the moral ones. this. goes for anywhere remote in taiwan it seems. Probably the worst part of taiwan after pollution and food security, though it is rarely discussed. When you are on a small island, these things compound and go to work on your brain. That is why i cant do islands here anymore. Great short vacation spots, but never long term. Always try to rent a place that is well detached from neighbours. Avoid apartments, rowhouses etc if peace is what you seek.

I second the above mentioned Hualien or Taidong. While suggesting not movig to either of their cities. Both have Universities, both are gorgeous. really it deepnds if you want dry or wet and taiwnese vs Chinese. Those are the 2 main differences between hualien and taitung that i find life influencing. hualien city is cettainly also busier and for sure a real city by anyones definition (except taipei folk). Taidong city has everything, is for sure a city, but has a real local vibe to it. Like an extrapolated penghu but the people are way better quality and its easier to escape to other areas. Hualien isnt far from taipei, taidong isnt far from kaohsiung. No one living in either ever desires to go to taichung anyways.

If you want bars and parties, stay in the west and enjoy a slow decline of your inner organs. Food, drinks and air will take their toll. if peace and tranquility is the goal, east or small island. If avoiding small town politics, avoid small islands as there is no escaping it. Mainland taiwan rural areas you can keep to yourself easier it seems. Strange as it.sounds. maybe having excellent train and bus services island wide has to do with a sense.of relief that a small island cannot provide?

It will ALL be way more populated, busy, noisy, bright and in your face than most of russia. breeding and brothels are important to hua ren :wink: but there are beautiful, peaceful and happy places that can be found! Just depends on your preferences. While making your decisions, just remember that the sterotypical “dirty south” certainly applies in taiwan, and can be extended to the entire west as well.


Penghu is beautiful and has pristine beaches. It is extremely windy in the winter. Everything is alive and cleanest beaches in Taiwan.
If your goal is to immerse yourself into culture and language study and nature, it is ideal. If you’re looking for nightlife, you’ll need to plan some trips to Taipei which isn’t terribly expensive.

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Thank you so much! The more I read and listen to opinions about Taiwan, the more I understand that I probably have to travel there to look at everything myself:))


Taiwan - It Touches Your Heart (and everything else )

No quite true anymore. I went a couple of months ago and I discovered cool bistros and new shopping complexes, including Pier 3 Mall with luxury shops and the whole works. This is in Magong, which is really growing. Heck, they even have a Starbucks now which didn’t exist in Penghu just a few years ago.


Wow sounds amazing! Did you like your experience in Penghu?

Well there’s one new mall and one new hotel and at least seven 711s?:sunglasses: (Twenty years ago there was just one 711).
That’s all there is though really in terms of new .The beach areas are extremely quiet and undeveloped (unusually so…Makes a change ).
I think the OP needs to visit Taiwan .


Eh? He needs to tour Taiwan now then. I’m talking about the OP. I was in Penghu very recently I loved it, I’ve been going there for years, this time I visited the outer islands more .

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