Moving to Taiwan, Visa Questions

So next year I’m moving to Taiwan with the intention to study for around 9-12 Months then hopefully going into a teaching job afterwards. My question is what is my approach to getting VISA’s. Can I start on a Student visa then swap to a work visa later? I’ve seen I might have to leave the country then reapply for a work visa but I can’t find any decent information on the matter.

Any help is much appreciated.

To switch from study to white collar work, I believe you don’t need to leave. You may find more info in BOCA and NIA sites.

I believe this actually depends on the exact type of study visa, as there are at least two and IIRC one of them is not convertible (or it wasn’t a few years ago). One of us is wrong, I wonder how confident OP feels now?

As always, I wholeheartedly recommend non-lawyers to stop giving legal advice, but rather to direct all such questions directly to BOCA/NIA.

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I completely agree to you that all such questions should be directed to BOCA/NIA.

And I’m not giving any regal advise, but just giving them the address of official information.

As for whether it is convertible, I’m not 100% sure, so added I believe. If not, I would say just you don’t need.

Only Discobot does that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, nothing posted here should ever be considered legal advice, but we do welcome informal suggestions and opinions about legal matters. :slight_smile: :+1: