Moving to Taiwan, want to be close to a city with:


I plan on moving to Taiwan at the end of September to teach english. I’m not sure where exactly in Taiwan I am going to live but my decision will be mostly be based on a few factors:

Proximity to

Quality martial arts instructors. Mostly interested in JJJ, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Judo, Aikido. Preference is on JJJ and Wing Chun though.

A proper fitness club for weightlifting training. Perhaps even a university facility for gymnastics training.

Mountain biking trails.

I’ve been trying to find MA schools in places other than in Taipei, but not having much success.

Any information on what cities have a lot to offer in these areas would be greatly appreciated. I have read that Taichung has a large MA community, but i can’t really find anything solid as of yet.


Taipei has everything…

I’d say Gongkuan/Wanlong area is what you are looking for. College area has a lot of martial arts schools, trails in Muzha or by the riverside are close by, etc.

I would think that Tainan should have some MA community, since there is a famous traditional school there. Hopefully the guys who live there can help you on that regard.