Moving to taiwan with a car

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I am moving to taiwan to live there forever do i have the right to ship my car to taiwan ? Or is better to sell it and buy one there ?
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What car do you have?

Even if it’s some limited edition sports car…or your first car that you just can’t let go.

I would either get rid of it or lend it to a friend for safekeeping. The hoops you have to jump through and money you have to burn to get your car imported to Taiwan is just not worth it.


Boy, the first couple of times I read the title as “Moving to Taiwan in a car”.

Which would have been considerably more interesting.


If it is a relative new car, it is possible under certain circumstances, although a total hassle and not recommended,
If it is an older car, it will be impossible to have it plated (license), as it will not pass emission tests (all imported cars, whatever year, need to pass current emission regulations) .
In both cases you will go bankrupt on import taxes and fees.

I have never bothered, and always managed to find interesting cars here locally, although you might need some time and good contacts, as there is a lot of crap as well.


You can ship a car to Taiwan. But registering, paying any relevant taxes, getting in compliance with emissions standards, and maintenance could be any level of expensive, difficult, impossible.

What car exactly? If it’s a car that’s already available in Taiwan or a car that is manufactured in Taiwan then those maybe come easier.

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Kia sportage 2016 brand new. after reading all this i guess its not smart to move my car in there i will just find myself a decent one when i get to taiwan ^^

Guess I could write a book about this, after importing over 3000 cars to Taiwan. 40% Import Tax ( based on blue book value), Shipping costs/Bol Paperwork, Loading fees, ARTC fees for Testing in Taiwan…difficult test, Franchised Dealers refuse to honour warranty of any type ( strictly illegal but anyway) If original price over 60,000 USD a further 10% Luxury tax on the whole amount…even shipping costs haha.
It makes sense if the car is over 20,000 USD and you are buying at trade prices,but simply not worth it below that.
Find a decent dealer in Taiwan through a friend and buy here.


Thak you @shiadoa for taking time to write your advice. I have as well checked and compared more prices here and there and then also decided to just buying one in taiwan will faster easier and maybe cheaper :smiley: 谢谢你

3000 cars at 40% import tax? Good job, my friend - you definitely paid more taxes than Jesus!