Moving/Travelling to Taiwan under COVID

I’ve been looking on 591 and have seen nothing of the sort. I suppose if you bought a place like that 20 years ago then you might get that kind of price. Additionally we have to have housing lined up before we arrive to do health management so we can’t search in person due to Taiwan’s archaic and draconian rules. We don’t insist on living in a bourgeois area but thanks for the typical boomer response!
Should I stop buying avocado toast too?

This decision might be made for you soon. :grin:


That is some bummer news. Luckily at the moment I am in a place where avocados are pretty easy to get/grow :slight_smile:

People keep posting this on a Taiwan QT support page but what does this actually say? Everyone thinks that QT is going to be gone by June but I will assume this is just another “maybe” situation?

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That seems to be the plan.

Contingent on something I am sure…

We have all these great developments and trends towards opening up… Can’t we cheer Taiwan on when it goes forward?

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that says triple dose?

I can’t read it at all :confused: If it says triple dose then I have 3 doses. But I can’t really decipher whether this is something concrete or just another vague plan that may never come to fruition. It would be great if there is going to be a change for reopening! I could see it all going the other way rapidly if one old lady dies.

Ugh yeah this sounds a lot like what was going on in my last country. The oligarchs and their kids could get in without restrictions on a “business pass” but no one else could. It is not a good sign that Taiwan is going to start applying rules unevenly as now I am recognizing this could end up being as corrupt as the last country I was in. Despite all of the magazine articles that like to say otherwise. It’s not sounding all that different if they go this route.

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100% this. This “business” rule is a joke, and is not inclusive. I hate to say it, but it feels like this is their way of creating a loop hole for those elites to essentially not play by the same rules as peasants have to. Same way the political elites were throwing lavish parties around the world under the pretense that its a “business meeting”…


Business meeting straight to the whore house…

This could really backfire, because early last year they reduced pilots quarantine from 14 days to 3 days, and when covid spread everywhere everything went to hell in a hand basket, the politicians who were responsible for it just went awol, nobody knew who to blame. Minutes from the meeting went astray, and nobody to this day knows wtf happened.


yikes…concerning that there was no record or accountability

What do you want? Are you not complaining about not opening up fast enough? The government knows that given the rest of the world’s incompetence that we won’t defeat COVID.

There was accountability. The government apologised, cleaned up the act and got us back to 0.


As long as the possibility for loop hole rules for “some” members of society exist, the longer this thing will go on for.

They’re opening up… What do you want them to do? Swing the doors wide open all at once?


what is opening up? opening up isn’t 10days or 7 days quarantine.

That is literally opening up…

Doors can open up in a variety of positions, a little, somewhat, mostly open or completely open.

Did you mean ‘completely opened up’?

The -ing refers to a process.

Opening up the border will be a process that takes time. So during the process of opening up, steps are taken towards a goal of being completely opened up. That may include slicing off measures and restrictions until there are no more remaining.

But I can’t take this seriously anymore if people are going to complain about literal progress in their favour.


“Loophole” is one word.


I pay 20k/mo. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, balcony. Zhongshan District. Teslas park in the middle of the road with their hazards on all the time, though the all streets near me (and my own residence) are the typical “post apocalypse” buildings on the outside. Not super close to anything, but rarely more than 20 min by bus to anything either.