Mozilla declines to pay tax on revenue from Google

I just had an interesting run of Web discoveries. At (a campaign to boycot Google on, or beginning on, February 14 in response to Google’s cooperating with the Chinese government) I followed a link to, which operates a Google scraper. Their software searches Google for you, so that Google doesn’t get to record your IP address and search term history, which they do do according to Scroogle.

At Scroogle, I found this interesting bit of business news. It seems to be very fresh and hasn’t drawn media attention yet. Here’s the link:

And here is the awesome Google scraper. It’s too bad it doesn’t do the cache links and stuff too, but I’m gonna set it as my homepage for a while.

PS - I just heard from my girlfriend that Wikipedia is banned in China. I guess it’s true. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it before.

scroogle is pretty fast,too. I was quite surprised.