Mr. and Mrs He trundle off to Phuket

Dear All,

I need your help. In a desperate attempt to get rid of my was of frewuent flyer miles before they get cancelled, I have booked a week in Phuket for 2 in June.

Yes, I know it rains, however whatever, getting off Taiwan without kids is good enough for me.

OK, I need recommendations for a place to stay there.

Not too expensive, secluded, good diving, and preferably internet access.

I have looked at several places on small islands off Phuket, however I still need some input from someone. Tell me what you have found and done - I have only been to Bangkok, and know nothing about the rest.

Better diving well off to the south of Phuket, or at least in the west coast (ocean side), where the visibility is much better (Phang Na Bay northern areas have way too much silt: the difference in vis was very obvious in only 30 miles or so as we went north, from reasonable to zero). The Similan islands are meant to be magic, though I’ve not been there. It’s mostly live on a boat kind of stuff (and a four day round trip from Phuket).

Two Tongues probably knows more than I do.

Koh Tao. Fly to Bangkok, transfer to BKK Airlines and a 40-min flight to Samui. Boat ride to Koh Tao. Thipwimarn resort.

why are you sending him to a hovel like that? Don’t you like the guy?

He’s DANISH, for fuck’s sakes. He’s used to living in a wooden hut.

at least there’s no Ikea furniture.

Great ideas - only issue is that the ticket as issued is to Phuket. The liveaboard idea would be magnificient for me - the missus gets seasick when looking at an empty bathtub, so I don’t think she will enjoy it that much. Should we go from the airport to Phi Phi instead?

We stayed at the Meridian for a few weeks last summer…it was such great value for the money! Gorgeous hotel, stunning private beach, awesome gym and brekkie, totally secluded, great entertainment in the evenings and wonderful dinner buffets…I think it was about $115 a night (that included breakfast). They have internet access but you pay for it, and diving trips arranged through the hotel were good.

We’re thinking of going back again this summer just to enjoy the hotel again!

Sandman, just checked on that resort, it’s gorgeous! Maybe I’ll go there this summer! :slight_smile: Were there any restaurants, pubs, etc. in the area around the hotel? Or is it pretty secluded?

seeing as the only way to get to Phi Phi is by boat, I guess not.

I thought the tsunami would have cleaned Phi Phi up a lot, and it did to an extent, but now Phi Phi appears to be covered by a nice grid pattern of transplanted coconut palms and a big mofo of a hotel, which is perhaps worse than before (though ‘tidier’).

From Phucket, get on a ferry and head to Koh Lanta if the ferries are running. It might be off season. Quiet, MUCH cheaper than Phi Phi, and good diving. I recommend Relax Bay if you like quiet and secluded. About 2,500 per night for a superb bungalow. Phi Phi is about halfway between so you can always stay a couple nights there and ferry over to Lanta later.

Apologies, Meester Her. Can’t really help you. I was in Phuket for a couple of weeks last year, and will likely see out the end of May there.

Unfortunately in Phuket you’ll likely just get one of your criteria met. Internet access. Mind you I haven’t been to the nearby islands other than Phi Phi, which is crowded as hell with binge drinking twenty and younger somethings.

Shame you didn’t ask earlier, because those flyer miles could easily have got you to Samui, and then a quick boat to Koh Tao. That resort Sandman highlights has superb snorkeling right off the beach or nearby scuba or snorkel dives, is delightfully secluded and inexpensive.

Staying cheaply in Phuket will mean getting a car and driving. Your best bet is to bite the bullet and get a fancy resort. The place I stayed and I will be returning to, is a cluster of one bedroom villas around a 50 metre pool. About a klick to the beach, and very little nearby except for a few local eateries and a muay Thai school. It is nice, but it’s certainly not Koh Tao.


.That place isn’t too expensive, if you were there mid June, would happily keep you company.

3-4000 baths for a double room is OK.

There is that small island south of Phuket, where you have to catch a boat at 8AM, I am thinking about that.

I don’t know if I can change tickets now, but well…

I am toying with the idea of this place:

Diving will be crap, I suspect, however I can’t change the plane reservation it seems.

Looks good! I’m sure you can get a dive in, although it will mean a bit of boat travel.


Koyao Island Resort ?

i was in Khao Lak north of Phuket coupla months ago. Snorkeled the Similans. My suggestion for you; go north from Phuket airport up to Khao Lak. Try and book Poisedon Bugalows …very nice place, rustic, quiet. They can book any diving you want for Similan or Surin.

[quote=“Kea”]Koyao Island Resort ?[/quote]

I would love to, however my missus saw the words “no aircon”, and said no aircon, no me.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Looks good! I’m sure you can get a dive in, although it will mean a bit of boat travel.


One dive day is likely to be enough, my wife does not dive, and is not interested in trying, as she gets seasick by looking at a glass of water.

I like them, but my missus will complain if no aircon.