Mr and mrs. smith--great chemistry

Just went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith w some apprehension as a NewYork Times critic trashed in. Au contrare. It’s a terrfic film which aside from shoot 'em up action is actually about relationships. Not to give anything away, but the scene where Brad Pitt is dodging bullets while trying to have a normal conversation w his staid middle-class neighbor is one that I think any guy can identify with–trying to maintain a facade of normalcy on a relationship that’s blowing up. Wonderful film, my girlfriend said the Chinese subtitles were well done. However, she went home to mother so maybe have to work on that part… :rainbow:

Being an assasin would be cool. Good looking people who kill other people for contract money are okay in my book. It’s the next best thing to being a suave sophisticated jewel thief. Only if you’re not good looking, the best thing you can hope to be is a con man, but you must be cute and funny.

I liked it but it was hard to not keep thinking “gosh, it’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt” as opposed the actual characters they were supposed to be playing

The movie I think is really bad in general, it’s a bit impossible for them both to live under the same roof for 5-6 yrs and not know what each other do for a living. Also, the ending was just impossible. When then were in the Shed House, I though this is it, they are going to die, but NO NO NO… they come out and killed 30 people… is that even possible??? :noway:

omg. you totally ruined the movie for me MiakaW. Now I can never watch the movie without being haunted by those questions: How could they now know what the other does for a living when they’ve lived under the same roof for so long. It will be maddening.

In other news, don’t watch the longest yard. Worst movie. ever. These guys are doing time in a Texas Prison. They don’t have time for hi-jinx and espionage?! And how much did Micky D’s pay for those shameless plugs. Adam Sandler, you’ve gone down in my book.

If only Brad and Joline were half as cute as they appear to think they are…

Wait a couple of weeks and this dud will be on HBO.

I didn’t fall asleep…but Jolie needs to get neked

[quote=“jdsmith”]I didn’t fall asleep…but Jolie needs to get neked[/quote] You’re Pushing Tin.

I saw this movie last weekend, and it bored me. I kept checking the time, wondering when the movie would end.

The first 20 minutes was good, and it went down hill from there.

reminded me a bit of Oceans 12. what a predictable bore after the first 20 mins, despite the line up of stars.