Mr. 'embezzler' Wang is seeking political asylum?

No this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. An embezzler that seeks political asylum … or is it arse-ylum … assylum?

Taipei Times

[quote]The US-based lawyer who represents shareholders in the embezzlement lawsuit against fugitive Wang You-theng (王又曾) criticized Wang yesterday for seeking political asylum in the US.

Lawyer Chiu Chang (邱彰), who represents 33 shareholders in the lawsuit against Wang, yesterday showed copies of the defense report Wang’s lawyers submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Pasadena, California, on May 7.

Political persecution

Chiu said Wang was apparently hoping to gain political asylum in the US by claiming that he was politically persecuted by the Taiwanese government.


:roflmao: :loco:

The US govt will never buy it. Taiwanese billionaire banker has been suffering as a victim of political persecution in Taiwan because he (and 1/3 of Taiwan’s population) was born in China. :homer:

You should view this argument as a good thing – a sign of desperation.

Isn’t this kind of posturing common before a court of law? Even though he’s seeking political asylum doesn’t mean his lawyers really believe they’ll get it for him. Notice that he didn’t perjure himself by saying, “I didn’t embezzle.”

delaying tactic.

I wouldn’t call it posturing. “Posturing” sounds too superficial and meaningless. He’s undoubtedly fighting hard. If you’re a billionaire who can afford the world’s greatest lawyers, you’ve fled your home country where there’s an open and shut criminal case pending against you, and now your fighting open and shut immigration proceedings in the country where you sought refuge, it’s not so much posturing as trying every damn defense that you can, no matter how far fetched, because. . . hell . . . . you never know what might work (recall OJ’s miraculous verdict) and it’s not like the money you spend on attorney fees was yours anyway, your bank’s customers are paying for the defense.

But I agree that it’s also a delay tactic. Best case scenario for him, he’s set free to spend his billions in loot in sunny California in his last remaining years. Next best, at least he delays his return to Taiwan where he will presumably face trial and go off to the slammer, and he enjoys the relatively better conditions of the California immigration detention center while his lawyers frantically scramble to come up with a plausible defense, and appeal every decision against them.