Mr Monk Makes Himself Available

I’m not sure if this is the right forum… but I’m sure I’ll find out! I finally got a VCR on the weekend, and can now offer taped episodes of Monk for any fellow fanatic who wants them. My only requests are that you do the picking up and dropping off/passing it on when done. I live in Taipei, near an MRT station. PM me if you’re interested.

Ooh! Me! But I don’t have a VCR player. :frowning: Is there way you could copy them to a more digital format like VCD?

I’m afraid I have no idea how that kind of thing works and don’t have the equipment anyway :? But I will be keeping the eps for quite a while, I imagine, so perhaps you could scavenge one at some later stage and have a Monk marathon? I think there are about another six episodes left in the current series.

I guess this brings up the next question…

[color=blue]Does anyone have a VCR I could borrow?[/color]


You can borrow our VCR player ImaniOu. We never use it. Haven’t ever plugged it in, to tell you the truth. You might need to buy a cable. Oh, and it doesn’t have a remote, but you could buy one, or just do without.


I was watching Spy Kids 2 (just needed to turn on the TV since it’s been a couple of months since I last used it) and screamed…I mean literally screamed “Oh my GAWD!” when I saw Tony Shalhoub. I forgot he was in those movies. Okay, that was my Monk moment until I remember to ask Bu Lai En for the VCR.