MRI in Taiwan (Taichung). Crazy long wait and expensive

1week for MRI or for surgery? I got an referral by a specialist orthopaedic from veterans hospital Taichung so no need to see a specialist before MRI I do hope…

MRI. Surgery will depend on a bunch of things but still probably 4-6 weeks. Probably easier to wait until you have coverage. Rushing things in Taiwan never ends well.

Question for the OP:

Why the urgent need?

Are you playing sports for a living?

It’s about 30-50 percent of my work time. Plus my mental health gets crazy without 25 hours of outdoor sports per week.

Have you been tested for ADHD?

Then perhaps you need to get with your sports team or coach and I am sure they will know where to find the medical help you need.

Or maybe what you need is a shrink, not a MRI.

I don’t think keeping medicine and healthcare prices so high that 27M of your population can’t get proper timely care is a shining point of capitalism.

“An estimated 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, went without health insurance in 2018. That was an increase of 1.9 million uninsured people, or 0.5 percentage point.“


The whole point of capitalism is that the capital are owned by the few. The only consequence of late capitalism is either an oligopoly or monopoly.

That is where America is headed.


I went to Taiwan Medical University Hospital for an MRI on my wrist last year. No health insurance, it cost about 500USD out of pocket and I had the appointment for a week or two later after seeing the doctor.

It would seem the person knows their mental health and uses excercise to cope. That is actually amazingly commendable instead oftge usual slow decline into dark holes and drug abuse.

Good for you.
1 Week for mri seems about right. If its a true energency, probably same or next day. But a mi nor knee surgery wont trump someone with cancer, stroke etc. Like it or not, that is fair…

Surgeries no idea, only the doctors can tell you time frames and price. If you ccan still walk a little it might be worth ,financially speaking, to wait. As mentioned i paid 150 for mri and only a couple day wait. Though mine was more of an emergency as i couldnt walk. Again, try a less populated area, get a faster mri ,then hope back with the records (extra fee even.with nhi) and show the doc/hospital where you plan to have surgery.

On surgeries, it is recommended by anyone with experience to take time finding a good surgeon rather than ruah to the first one available. Unlike a mri which takes no skill, surgery can make your issue worse…i

I have never waited for more than 1 hour for a ct scan.

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If it were for ACL I would care strongly about the surgeon. But as it’s just cleaning up the meniscus a bit, that’s routine and easy.

I won’t disclose my here, but if I cannot do outdoor sports my work gets stuck badly. I can do a couple of weeks just pc work, but often have to go hiking and mtbiking to work. About 30-50 percent of my work time. No way around it. But no it isn’t professional sports or competitions. However both for trailrunning or Enduro Mountainbike im about 25 percent slower than world elite so it’s competitive levels.

Right now I can only do road biking but that’s no use for my work.

Delivering newspaper with bicycle? Bicycle uber eats?

Any reason why you can’t do it on scooters?

Go to China Medical Hospital.

Also, take appropriate precautions to decrease the strain on your injury.

Check out his username

As I said, I need trails and climbing. Not roads. I haven’t seen people using trial bikes here, so will not try that. Especially as there are not many roads to go back down

Are you doing geological work? So you scale mountains a lot?

I guess you want a good specialized hospital instead of quick? If they mess up your knee, that’s worse.

Well meniscus is really something easy and they do it routinely. So I believe kinda every orthopaedic clinic will have a doctor that can do it well. Also at the veterans hospital the doctor is definitely good. I will ask for how long to wait once I have the MRI



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