MRT promotion idea from Canada

MRT promotion idea from Canada

Toronto subway station badges

The folks at Spacing Magazine (the publication of the Toronto Public Space Committee) have just released a line of snazzy one-inch buttons dispalying the name and tile-work from all the Toronto subway stations.

Good idea for Taipei MRT PR people…

Interesting. I take it the subway stations in Toronto each have unique color schemes and tile art?

Is your idea that the Taipei MRT people would make each stop look unique? That strikes me as a fine idea, depending on how expensive it is.

Or is the idea that the Taipei MRT people would sell buttons like these? That one I’m less sure about. Don’t most of the stops pretty much look the same? Maybe I just don’t pay enough attention. I do recall that the CKS station has a distinctive look… are there others?

They do sell MRT related products from time to time in the MRT stations. They have an MRT version of Monopoly, there are T-shirts or pencil cases, even a cartoony model of the MRT train. I think they have some snazzy watches. I always thought they should try selling the English and other language maps they used to give away for free and now have replaced with simpler less informative ones. Buttons would be cute, but I don’t suppose I’d get them unless they were really great and cheap.