MS Office for 100 US? Is this offer legit? (Hint: likely no)

Yes, I know software is ethereal and and can have all sorts of different prices or values that make no sense.

I once worked Mac Warehouse /Micro warehouse in sales and product training.

(I was a bloody telemarketing and then cheerleader trying to get the sales people off the phones and into the training sessions and help the vendors by Pizza.
I also begged for them to bring squeaky toys, called stress relievers, and begged them to give us some product for our product library. No decision making job)

Anyway, I had free NFR copies of Adobe Photoshop, office, illustrator, Mech Warier…
Any and all products that you were drooling over now I had for free, legally mine but the damn company did not pay us enough to get a computer to use it but that’s another story…)
Oh yes, not for resale copies are gifts that are not eligible for upgrades…

Is this freaking offer for real? If it is I’m buying. But I really need to know how they can afford to do this?
Really get my own license for microsoft? Or is just a multi-licensed scheme which can get revoked
I’ve been out of the software business for years and again I was just a plebe who scored free stuff…
It help…
For the stuff my computer could run, it helped me be a better salesperson…

Mod edit: removed link to potentially not legit Microsoft products store.

Don’t know if that specific offer is legit, but I paid about $99 for Office on my MacBook 3 years ago bought here in Taiwan. Worked so far (knock on wood) and has updated itself regularly. Bought it (added it) at the department store in KHH where I bought the MacBook.

When you service your account, reinstall or move files, do you use the Microsoft account.
I bought the physical version from SUnFa in 2016. They gave me a USB stick.
I was since then able to reinstall my program via download through the Microsoft site without using the USB stick
Please check your about and privileges to tell me if you actually own the license in Microsoft’s.
I don’t have $100 to throw away on a scam so I just would like to know the confidence of this product.
Some local friends tell me it may not be a real deal. But they’re local and I live in the country.

I actually bought the official MS Office “box”, which has the disk that then gets downloaded onto MacBook. So, I don’t really know about that specific firm offering MS Office.

You definitely got it for a good price but for a third party seller.
Can you take a quick look at my link and see if you think it’s a legitimate deal?

I looked into the “About Us” link. It’s from the U.S.
Why can’t you buy MS office from some physical store? I think it’s like Apple products.
The software price is the same no matter which country (just in different currency amounts based on F/X exchange).

Just use LibreOffice, and save some money :partying_face:


Or subscribe to office 365 and its use is included in the price, as well as 1TB on onedrive.

Why buy office?

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What does that mean? The use of Office 365 is the thing you’re paying for by subscribing, and you’re then paying a comparable fee every year rather than just once.

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Office 365 is like about 200nt a month. It isn’t that much considering that you get about 1TB of cloud storage on that.

I think no. This seems not a 100% legit way to buy. Also the company & website are fishy (anonymous registration, no contact except email, no details, …).

Just read the about: “is a high-touch managed IT services and solutions provider headquartered in the suburbs of United States

All that “Microsoft Partner”, “Norton Shopping Guarantee” and so on likely only gives an air of legitimacy - but in reality doesn’t mean much.

Yes, that’s how it seems to work. Buying volume licenses and reselling them in a way that MS doesn’t approve of. And sometimes seems to be revoked. See the MS discussion/help forums.

Please note that the above only reflects my understanding of Microsoft’s position.

My position as a pirate party supporter certainly differs.


Try multiplying it by 12, 24, 36, etc. and see how the answers compare with the price of a one-off licence.

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You’re paying about the same per month for 1tb of icloud, so it’s not a bad deal. Also you get the most up to date version as long as you subscribe.

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It’s also pretty similar to the prices of boxed versions on Shopee, so doesn’t look to be a good deal if that’s the case.

If they are just reselling volume licences, those are maybe a sixth of the price on Shopee, so again not a good deal, whether the site is genuine or not.

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I prefer Google Drive for cloud storage anyway, and didn’t even use Onedrive when I had free access to it bundled in with my laptop. (I might still have it actually - not sure, don’t want it even for free.) I forget what my issues with it were, and maybe they’ve improved by now.

Wow, big deal. It’s Word and Excel, not nuclear power plant management software. Looks like Microsoft has found another sucker to switch to the subscription model though. :money_mouth_face:

On a serious note, you complain here quite frequently about money issues - I’m a bit surprised you think that paying NT$200 every month for this is a good deal, compared with other cheaper options (both the free alternatives as mentioned above, and less legal/more gray-area options like the volume license sellers), or just a one-off fee. Any of those seem an easy way to save a bit of money each month.

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I read that it’ll sometimes automatically keep your stuff only in the cloud, and take it off your computer, which is a big nope for me.

Mind you, what I read may have been incorrect, or describing a bug since fixed.

(I did subscribe to 365 for a year, maybe two, until feeling like an idiot upon realizing I had it free from work.)

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If you’re writing for a living, nothing beats Word. Libre office word processor is inferior to Word 2000. I bought Office 19. No regrets, it’s a pleasure to use.

edit, i didn’t buy office 365, i got Office 19. Big difference.

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buy a key on ebay. 40$ for office 365 for 1 year including 1tb cloud

Those are both debatable. I also work in a field where Word is the only option (because it’s what >95% of authors and publishers are using, with the remainder being LaTeX), but a lot of that preference is probably just familiarity.

And even the latest versions of Word have a habit of ballsing up more complicated files, especially with respect to text styles and layout. It’s definitely improved somewhat since the early 2000s, but there are still a lot of times when using it isn’t much of a pleasure.


You’re not very nice to him. Did you come here to argue and belittle people.

Get on topic, we’re talking about word processing software.