MS Outlook's file location?

I know where the .pst files are in OUTLOOK, but where are the files for the contacts list, rules and email account data? I really don’t feel like typing all this information in again. I heard one time these were not files, but part of the registry, if that is the case, where should I look for them and how can I change the location? Thanks in advance.

start outlook and export your account settings and your address book

Don’t you mean import? And it couldn’t find them, I tired. That’s why I need to know the location.


The pst files also contain all the contact, calendar info etc, should be all you need.

From reading your other post I know what you

Everything you need is in the *.PST file. You must not be exporting/importing the folders and subfolders correctly.

Everything is not in the .pst file. If it were everything would have transfered just fine. I think that all email pop3 information may not be saved there. My contact information is back, some of my rules work, some of them I have had to delete and redo, but all email accounts had to be set up again. My .pst file is not located in Settings\USERID\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook because I moved it to another partition long ago to free up space on another partition. All files were copied over and that new location was used for all old and new mail. I never lost any data or settings when I moved the file. The only problems I have encountered are now that I have reinstalled my OS. Anyway, thanks for your help, seems there wasn’t much else I could have done besides type all that crap back in.

That’s because when you tried to export it, you didn’t include all the subfolders. But *.PST holds all that information. You just need to tell it that when you import/export.

Copying a *.PST file to different locations and then trying to point to it again, is just asking for trouble. It could work and it could also not work. Been there done that. People need to use the import/export feature when saving their Outlook information. People also need to compress and auto-archive as well, unless using IMAP.


I will try that next time and see what happens, but I think I have already done that before and had similar problems. We’ll see. Thanks!

Go to:
Options -> Maintainance -> Store Folder
Copy the link and paste it to browser. The files in that folder contains your current Outlook Express emails and folder settings. Copy the files and paste the files to the new store folder.

P.S. Doing this would mean previous setting will all be erased, thus this is usually best when transfering all emails to a new computer.

NB. Remember to export contacts to avoid losing all contacts information.