MS WORD forced paragraph numbering

When using MS WORD and numbering the paragraphs, if you hit return at the end of a paragraph, the program automatically does an indentation and numbers the next paragraph for you as well.

Often as not, you didn’t want the next paragraph numbered (such as when the explanation there is a continuation of the current paragraph), or you wanted a blank line there or something.

Is there any way to turn this “forced paragraph numbering” feature OFF?

Go to the “AutoFormat as you type” tab in the Tools > AutoCorrect dialog box (Alt-T, A)

You can switch off the numbering and list generation there.

Or, use the CTRL-Z Undo key to undo any autoformatting as soon as it happens. For example, say you have just typed in your last point and hit enter. Word will automatically indent and number or bullet the next point. Hit CTRL-Z a couple of times. The autostepping should unravel piece by piece.

Even easier, just hit Back space at the beginning of the line you want to make normal. Formatting seems to readjust automatically, then.

Try Shift+Enter (soft return)