Msn mac crashing with Safari 3

Has anyone else been having trouble with msn for mac after installing Safari 3? Everytime I close a chat window the entire program crashes. Never happened before Safari 3. Don’t know how to re-install the previous version of Safari… can’t even find it on the Apple website.

Actaully, yes I have, although I tend to fick over to paralells to operate all my work stuff on XP so it never really bothers me. It crashes soon after opening.

HG .

Safari 3 beta.
The final version will come soon…

I ditched MSN Mac a long time ago for Adium - it combines all your instant messenger accounts in to one - helps with the clutter, looks nice, easy to use, and it’s been 100% reliable in the six or seven months since I installed it.

thanks. just installed it now. works great. wish it had webcam options though like Msn Live messenger for windows. oh well…

Yeah, that’s why it’s still called beta.