MSN Messenger Problem

A few days ago, I encountered a really strange problem with my MSN Messenger (v. 7.5, Chinese version). When someone added me to their buddy list, I got the usual notification message, and I have my settings set to automatically add them to my buddy list. However, when I cliked “OK”, I got a message that my buddy list was already full, so I had to delete someone before I could add anyone else … I didn’t think I had that many people in my list, but I deleted a few anyway, but I still kept getting the same message. I also tried manually adding people to my buddy list but kept getting the same message that my buddy list was already full (which I know it isn’t, I’ve deleted quite a few).

Next step, I removed the software and then reinstalled it … still the same problem. Has anyone ever run across this problem before? Any idea how to fix it? It’s really quite frustrating … sigh

In holland MSN is attacked by several worms and they have huge problems overthere …

Hey. I was wondering if you found a solution to your problem yet. I have the same problem with MSN, I cannot add any new contacts because I’ve too many contacts already. However, when deleting contacts (through the contacts listing in the hotmail account, not in MSN as deleting contacts there does not delete them from the contacts list in the hotmail account) I always get error messages and cannot delete any contacts succesfully. I sent an email regarding this problem and got a checklist with 50 things or so to check, and this list did not seem to be directed specifically towards this problem but rather a general checklist instead, so I just gave up on it. I tried deleting contacts from at least 5 different pc’s, so I doubt the problem is the pc/internet explorer settings. Instead I started using a new hotmail account, added my most frequent MSN contacts to this new account and started using this account. Obviously, not my preferred solution and if you know by now how to fix this prob, it’d sure be great to hear how.


I don’t know if it’s a problem with msn, but I reached a limit with hotmail on the number of contacts taht I could have. That really annoyed me, then I found that I couldn’t export them at all.

I really don’t like HOTMAIL/MSN because of the way they try to lock users in without really attempting to make their service ‘sticky’.


No, I haven’t found a solution yet. I’m going to try adding contacts today from a different computer that runs an earlier version of MSN and see if that works.

I’ve had enough of MSN.

Skype chat is much better IMHO, but until all my contacts make the switch I will continue to use both.
If you haven’t already checked it out, it’d be good to do so. MSN is becoming more and more restricted behind company firewalls, so it’s a matter of time before Skype is more popular for chatting, not to mentioned it’s brilliant VOIP features.

You could try installing Trillian:
Dunno if it has limits on the numbers of contacts - but it works fine for MSN/ICQ/AIM/Yahoo (and without the annoying popup advert thingy when you start)

I’m no fan of Instant Messaging personally but I belive GAIM is a good idea. It calls itself a ‘A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client’, it’s open source and shouldn’t give you any hassles like that nasty microsoft stuff.

Good Luck.

I’ve been unable to sign in for the past two days. Perhaps it’s related to the worms?

There are so many cheeky replies I could give to this post, DB, but I think I’ll just stick it in the mis-quote thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

aMSN works great for me, save that it doesn’t yet support audio, but Skype does well enough there.